Congratulations You Have At Least Quadruplets

So Happy to Have Babies

First, I my defense, these are not the greatest photos because they suet block is farther that’s I would like for photos. Also, the baby Blue Jays are ver jumpy, making a clear shot difficult.

I have not been able to get a picture of the Downy Woodpeckers’ baby(s). However, Hubby and I happened to see the adult feeding at least one baby a couple a days ago. Obviously the baby aka I s’pose juvenile as it is able to fly.

As far as the baby / juvenile Blue Jay we have 3 babies / juveniles. They are old enough to fly and are very clumsy in general, but they are learning how to get food from the feeder as you can see.

If a Blue Jay parent comes close the juveniles go into mega beg mode. They start making the baby bird I want food noise and holding out their wings while making this noise. The parents’ try to hit and run before the babies realize they have exited stage left…lol The babies are quite comical to watch.

I also have some cutie pa tootsie little grey birds that I call p’nut. That is what they love, peanuts. They are quick little suckers, so I have not been able to snag a picture of them yet. They dash in grab a peanut and dash away. The peanuts are almost the same size the bird…lol They are so cute and make a cute little noise.

As I am writing this there are several Blue Jays outside yelling that the bird feeders have not been put out yet. As soon as the sun is up and it is dusky out they want the buffet ready.

I knew we were having babies as the number of different birds has increased. I have not seen the Cardinals hanging around as long. Mostly doing hit and runs. So, I am hoping this means they are busy parenting.

I always see the Downy Woodpeckers going from the suet feeder to high in the tree the suet is hanging from. I hope this means they are nesting in that tree.

I’m not sure where the Red Bellied Woodpeckers are nesting. We have 2 pairs. They have started landing on a tree right outside the front fence. I am hoping this means they are thinking about starting to stay closer to the guaranteed food and water. Still not sure<fingers crossed>

I Blue Jays are in a tree at the back of the house. They make quite the racket when having disagreements or perhaps when they were raising the babies before they could fly.

I love the birds and could watch their antics all day. My hubby has even become quite the bird watcher.

When we moved into our house 14 years ago we had our huge oak on one side of the house toward the back, a good size Magnolia Tree in the front, and one tree that was dying and infested with ants. Needless to say that one had to come down.

The thing is no trees, no birds. So, in the first couple of years here I planted 7 trees. I love trees. I hate to see people cutting trees down when they are not dead.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



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