A Guy Called Bloke-24hr Blog Question

A Guy Called Bloke-24hr Blog Question by A Guy Called Bloke


1] Are you currently wearing face masks when you go out into public wherever you are in the world and 2] what type of masks are you wearing? [As in practical or stylish?] 

The most public of a place I have been is the post office. I do not wear a mask. I would say 90% of other’s in the post office were wearing masks. They also have plexiglass in front of the employees.

To be honest I don’t have a mask that I take with me. The only one I have is one I got when I had to go to my doctor’s office to pick up some scripts last week and it is just one of those blue an white papering one’s. I will note that they provided this mask as I said I do not have one.

Oh the other day my Mother gave me a fabric mask to wear if I am in the car with my parents. I keep it in a bag I take when I go to my parent’s.

Also – how do you feel about the wearing of masks? Do you see it as a protection or an infringement on your civil rights?

unfortunately, I lump masks into the whole COVID thing and I don’t know what to believe about the whole situation.

My husband does work with several people who have nurses as spouses and they say masks will stop bacteria, but the virus particles are too small for the masks to catch. So, unless you have an N95 mask I really don’t know how effective theses other masks are.

I hesitated about putting the above comment as I really don’t want to be the beneficiary of hate mail.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. If someone is rude or mean in your comments when you post something controversial, WordPress has a way to block such bullies from your blog! You shouldn’t have to fear writing the truth for your situation at all! I haven’t worn a mask (except to the hospital) until they started asking people to wear them. It makes sense to do so, for YOUR own safety. The masks the public has access to are largely ineffectual about screening the virus out, but it’s better than breathing that horrible stuff in without any filter at all. We all do the things we find prudent. I enjoyed reading your comments too.


  2. Hey Jennifer – l think you are right, l have sported a bit of research with regards this question l asked …. ‘masks’ help to prevent the spread ………………… but l often ask – do they really? In consideration to everything else, will a mask really stop a determined bacteria?

    I don’t know – l know of the N95’s as well that you mention.

    Masks will to a certain degree prevent infection but also it’s not just the masks themselves but social distancing and the washing of hands and l feel common sense.

    I tend to keep myself to myself l don’t socialise, l don’t mix with lots of people. But l am also now of the philosophy that l mustn’t forget to live my life – so if l must go out, l utilise common sense. If l get ill, there is no hard and fast rulke l will die unless l am seriously infected and my health suffers or is already suffering – but we all die sooner or later anyway.

    My biggest fear is that as more and more manufacturers buyers and sellers jump on board of the whole mask shebang – we will see more and more so called good masks that aren’t worth jack squat and offer no protecxtion whatsoever and are just nothing much short of stylish shite in pretty colours.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer Jennifer, always appreciated 🙂


  3. I saw a medical article which compared several mask materials. A straightforward cotton mask was found to be about half as effective as a surgical mask. Other materials fell somewhere in between. If people choose cotton, close weaves like denim were more effective.
    I started at the same place – the virus is such a small particle, how can what is essentially a pretty coarse weave stop it? But masks do seem to have had an effect – far from everybody treating C19 has become infected themselves.


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