A Guy Called Bloke—The Twelve Bloggerz Game #4 – August 2020

A Guy Called Bloke—The Twelve Bloggerz – Game #4 August 2020 by A Guy Called Bloke


As a society are we really that social anymore – like it used to be?

I think it depends, the same as it used to on a persons personality. Granted there is the internet which for some is a life saver as it gives them someone to talk to albeit somewhat anonymously.

However, there are always those who are more “people” persons who will just turn to the internet when there is noting going on. Other’s love having the ability to speak w/o worrying about running into somebody they had poured their heart out too.

Then there are those people who pour their hearts out, but don’t truly consider the people online are not real “people”.
If only l was twenty years younger l would … ?

Unfortunately, the thought of being 20 years young again makes me cringe. I don’t think I would have to go through everything my some now known and some unknown medical conditions have make my life like since about that time. When everything started rearing it’s medically unhelpful severe pain.
Is society ruder more now than it used to be back in the day?

I would have to say slightly. Some I believe has to do with the way kids’ are changing over the days. I.E. the need for 2 working parents and the change in the way parents are able to punish kids’.
Is our world hyperfocusing progression on the wrong things or in the wrong direction?

I believe at times just as in the past this is true. One example is instead of people taking care of themselves and their own they are starting to pick fights and becoming aggressive about the way people are taking the mask wearing situation.

Why must violence always erupt. Why can people not just go to police or worry about what they and theirs are doing? Not to mentioned can’t even get past the age old racism issue. Which seems ridiculous since there are more mixed race people than ever before.
Do you think there is any truth what so ever to any current conspiracy theories?

On one hand I think there is a morsel of truth on the other hand I truly have no idea. I have no doubt the people in “the know” have much they have not and perhaps never will tell us. So much for a government for the people. We have a government who are for whoever they can get themselves while they try to apply blinders to their supporters.
Are you more confused about the shape of our world today more so than when younger?

Oh most definitely.
Do we as a society simply have too many labels and too many label hunters?

As a society that is one of our problems, but far from the only one.
Are you more or less family orientated?

That is one thing that has not changed for me. I am very family oriented.
Do you dress up ‘smart’ to go out or is your style more casual all day every day?

If I ever go anywhere it is rarely anywhere other than my parents or the doctor’s and I am more of an all day casual.
With the current ‘pandemic’ do you miss ‘Yesterday’s way of life or not?

Being able ti not worry if I do or don’t need a mask. If I need to wear a mask I miss being able To breath fresh or funky air whatever the day holds. Makes me wonder when I wear a mask if it is the way horses feel.
What do you class as adventurous?

Now a days it would be life.
Are you more conventional brick and mortar shopper or online and Internet buyer styled?

Now a days I am an online shopper. I cannot stand for Amy length of time anymore. I used to like to browse stores and I miss that immensely.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. Hey Jennifer well done for tackling 12 Bloggerz – August – some topical questions answered topically to boot 🙂


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