Flashback Friday-Original Post 10/21/16

Working on Week 1 of Art Heart & Healing

As I mentioned on FB I stumbled upon a treasure trove of artists with great information on many different art types. They are a great group of people. It is nice to be able to share anything you might know and receive information in return that you had no idea you had even wanted to know…lol

Although my Mom and husband always say my finished projects turn out great (they could potentially be slightly biased…hehe) which certainly is always nice to hear.

However, there are times when it is nice to hear what an impartial person in the art field has to suggest or point out. Which makes it nice being able to post projects you’ve done and know that you will receive useful and honest opinions & /or advice. Right now I am working my way through Week 1 of the FREE class  by Tamara Laporte on http://www.willowing.nig.com.

Art Heart Healing Week 1..10/19-10/22-16

I have not been a very diligent blogger, However, to be fair I may need to take a blogging tutorial?..lol . I do have the aspirations to change this, we’ll see how it goes.I am posting one previously done drawing and a colorful journal spread I created in the process of working through Week 1 of the free class referenced to above. knows….I may put more of my mixed media trial on this site. In the past I didn’t consider this, I simply placed my card making. Sorry if this is so long. I have to get acquainted with blog form.

Practice & Doodling 10-15-16
Hot Lips 10-21-16


    • Lol I guess in some ways I was a little disappoint on the prompt we talked about the other day, despite your helping out with including a couple links though your telling of our conversation. Still a newbie I reckon. Hopefully better luck next time.

      Ahh question for your. Do you have your comments set to automatically accept on your posts or do you do manually accept them:? I hope your Friday has been going well.

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      • no everything should be set to be accepted automatically, although I cannot turn Akismet off, so occasionally it will put things in the Spam folder. But I think I only ever had 1 spam comment, so I figure if anything does crop up, I’ll let it go live then unpublish it when I discover it.
        Friday has gone well, thank you, although it is only 8:30pm and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. The weather here is very like Fl today – hot, humid, just cloudy sky, no sunshine. I worked down (up?) in Tampa for a while when I first visited the US.
        I hope your Friday is going well, too.


      • Ahh thanks for the information. It is going ok, getting our nearly every afternoon rain right now. Man we had a thunder so loud it shook the house. I bout jumped out of my skin. It has been a long time since we have had something so loud. Thanks again.

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