Simple Six Minute Writing Challenge-8/11/2020

Simple Six Minute Writing Challenge-(8/11/2029) by Stine Writing

My husband and I had described that today was a nice day to take the boat out for a spin. I am not a great lover of boating, but my husband and most of my family is…go figure.

Well, as usual everything was going find until we could no longer see the shore. Of course somehow the paddles were no where to be found. I was trying my best to remain calm. The only problem was the tide and current were not in our favor.

Before we new it we were out floating way beyond my comfort zone. Despite my best efforts I was beginning to freak out a little more each minute. My husband was trying to keep me calm while trying to find a way out of our current situation.

Just as I had begun thinking about swimming back my husband spotted a ship. I have no Idea how he managed to hear our air horn over his engines, I’m just grateful he had. The only reason we were dependent on our air horn was that with everything else that was going wrong our radio was not not working. (200 words)

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. I love it! That is exactly what would happen in real life (or maybe it has?). It is always that situation you are sort of forced to be in that goes awry and then you end up thinking the worst. Haha, swimming back though made me laugh. Have you heard about all the shark sightings along the Eastern Atlantic coast? My sister lives in Long Beach and they keep having to close her beaches because of shark sightings. I think I would just stay floating and hope I came to land eventually!


    • First, I’m glad you liked it. I was typing until the alarm went

      Second., why the heck do you think she stayed in the Useless boat…loll? One thought of a “Shark” would keep her in the boat until dooms day.

      Unless rescued that is…Shoot, now Bull sharks are being found in some rivers so she wouldn’t even swim for it then….and what if there were alligators or crocodiles ….jez no safe swimming….oh well may be if she had a pool in her backyard would probably be ok…heehee (which I don’t…sigh)

      I hope you had a nice Saturday.

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      • Hahahaha, my daughter used to be afraid to swim in our tiny above ground pool at night because of sharks! Then, a few weeks ago when I was in Long Beach visiting my sister and they talked of closing the beach, Lindsay wanted to go out there and surf! I’m happy in a pool or a tub! I am dying to go scuba diving again but I wear a wetsuit, like that will protect me. Lol.


      • I am a certified diver. I went on several dive probably 2 1/2 decades or more ago. I never…..NEVER ;had a good dive I could never see a foot in front of me, or other things that never happened to any other member of my family. My Brother is big into diving any chance he gets and is certified and loves to cave dive.

        Well your wet suit might keep you warm if your cold or sea grass from brushing onto your skin…lol Oh Hey! Maybe it will make you look like a shadow instead of a snack,….lol just kidding have fund when you get the chance.

        Hope you have had a nice Monday.


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