Sandman’s Q & A w/ Sandman & Mrs A



Mrs A’s answers are in italics

  1. What was the last meal you ate?

—-Left over PaPa John’s grilled chicken fettuccini pizza

Chicken Curry with rice and chips

A smoked salmon salad with 1000 Island Dressing 

2. What is your favourite sort of Cake?

—-Red Velvet

I am very fond of Cheesecake, particularly Lemon.

I am a Chocolate Cake girl through and through 

3. Have you ever slept rough?

—-Uhhh nope… to be honest not sure what this means

No, I lucky to have not. I have slept in my car when I got locked out of my hotel though

Me neither, and I haven’t had the other misfortune either. 

4. Earphones or Headphones?

——depends on situation

Ear phones, much more subtle

Generation Gap here, definitely a head phones girl 

5. What is the most X-rated thing you have done? (optional question)

——zipped lips was a moment of insanity……Mom read my blog…lol

Probably what happened on Holiday with that girl on the beach…

I am a little reluctant to say, I have taken a bit of a shine to one of your readers and I am worried about what she would say


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