Flashback Friday—Original Post 1/17/17

Jennifer Bates

It Boggles the Mind(at least mine🤔)

I must be walking around this world on auto pilot. Seriously, how else can I be doing this and doing that and putting off those other things? Yet, if someone(or even if I just try to remember) I draw a total blank….like loud white noise blank.

Taking into account the above information…….uhhh maybe I should say above non information.I find myself getting ready to try and put something amusing in a post because I realize my pockets are bare. I’m not feeling to bad because it’s only been a day or two. Everyone knows how life has to fit in somewhere…..right?

NO WAY!! My eyes feel like they were about ready to pop 👁👁 out of my head. It tells me it has been 10…yes…10 day since my last post!!! Granted I did visit and create another page that I’m deciding if I want to use.

JEEZ, what kind of blogger am I?? Well, we all know the reality of this cyber situation is I get lost. Where? I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure y’all probably guessed that too.

i hope to have something to offer something for anyone nice enough to check out my blog.



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