Flashback Friday—Baked Inside & Out—Original Post 8/28/2014

Jennifer Bates

Baked Inside & OutOriginal Pos 8/28/2016

Hindsight being what it is the problem actually started to rear its ugly head Friday the 22nd. My husband came home from work and as he entered he commented “Babe do you realize how hot it is in here… It’s 86 degrees.  After resetting this, that, and whatever the a/c finally kicked on.

So, being the paranoid person I am I began constantly making sure the a/c was kicking on and maintaining the correct temp. During the day we keep the a/c at 78 degrees.  Things were moving align uneventful.  Then….Monday the 25th comes along.  Granted I know it was working earlier by the time hubby got home it had obviously quit.  By some kind of unbelievable miracle the a/c place actually came by around 5:30ish..   However, we were told that the compressor had gone to the a/c scrap yard in the sky.  Of course, this was followed by ….but the place we order closes at 4pm.(feeling faint at my possibilities). Which means 2-3 days no a/c.

My brain knew it was going to be hot… and hot & muggy.   I had not even imagined how so insanely this was actually going to be.  Late Wednesday morning the a/c people called to tell me they’d be by after noon-pm.  At 4pm….yes 4pm still no a/c sightings my dogs and I with every fan window and door open were melting in a 90 degree house.  Yes, I said 90 degree.

Finally!  At a little past 4 the a/c guy pulled into the driveway.  My whole body has never been so relieved to see a repair person.  My head is dancing and singing bout having a working a/c in a lil bit.  I hear my husband come in from outside talking to the dude.  As he walks into the room I was in he said it was going to take approximately 4 hour to switch it out.  I was stunned and just wanted to scream and cry.  I didn’t, but I had really reached my overheated not sleeping tolerance.

the good news…is shortly after 8 pm cold air was felt coming out of the vents.  Again I wanted to cry.  Of course this time for a totally different reason.  It took the air from that time(shortly after 8) until midnight to get the house down to normal.

i absolutely cannot express how much softer my bed felt last night compared to the two previous nights……WHEW!!!!!


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