My Sweet Puppy’s Last Day 9/11/2020

Skeeter Bates

Rest In Peace—We ❤️❤️❤️ You Forever

Skeeter Bates

9/16/2005 to 9/11/2020 6:15p.m.

Skeeter is / was his name and this is a puppy photo. I have to search some DVD’s for later pictures.

We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he fit into the palm of our hand. His small size made me think of a mosquito as he darted here and there hence his name Skeeter. We often just called him Skeet. Skeet was with us for 15 years(almost to the day).

For every day of those 15 years he slept in a little cave-like cat bed inbetween my husband’s pillow and mine. He would travel from sleeping in the crook of my knees under the covers and in his cave.

Now that his bed is no longer there it is the biggest little spot I have ever seen…..sigh His bed has never not been there. Skeeter made very little noise Yet the house is so quiet.

Unfortunately, he recently was going downhill and we loved him dearly and did not want him to suffer.

I was hoping I could find a vet that would come to the house so he could be in familiar surroundings. It broke my heart that the last thing we could do for him was not possible. We ended up having to take him to an emergency pet hospital.

I was feeling so guilty because I had not called the day before, but I thought he might have been doing better and I did not want to make a terrible mistake on his parting before he was ready. That night was awful. My husband and I got very little sleep trying to make him comfortable.

Skeet’s Last Day

  • As I posted here FOWC With Fandango—Cage. He started the day taking a long nap in the cave we have on a dog my pillow pillow in his crate(home when we left the house).
  • Then he had a long nap outside in a little dug out area he made by my husband’s workshop. This is his favorite outside space since I no longer have my larger garden area…sigh
  • We gave both dogs cut up hot dogs and pieces of slice cheese which they love.
  • He took a little nap inside
  • Then he went outside and I have a small mushroom shaped bird bath that he likes to drink from even though there are 2 bowls of water inside. I was able to see him taking a long drink
  • The Clinic was 19 miles away. During the drive he came to enough that he wanted to sit on my lap and stick his head out the window for a little bit which he always loved to do

When we got to the hospital they wanted his information. However, when I called to see what they needed and if we needed an appointment they did not think it necessary to do this even though we would be up there that evening….sigh

They put us in a room where I had to fill out information though swollen, blury eyes, and then we were left to wait forever. Which of course gave us more time with him which was both good but heartbreaking.

They finally came in to get payment….ugh….seriously could they not have done this one of the othe times they were in the room.

Then after more waiting someone finally come in and they wanted to put a IV in his vein for ease of inserting medications.

I got so upset that we could hear them all outside our room laughing and cutting up but they couldn’t take Skeeter far enough away from our room so we didn’t hear him crying when they were trying to hit a vein in his skinny little legs. This made my crying even worse. Of corse I was wearing a mask so they didn’t see the snot running out of my nose.

After a short wait the doctor came in to give him the meds. Since I was petting him while they gave him the meds I could feel him fighting them..which of course made things even worse(.

Once again we had to wait in this enormously quite room for them to come in and remove the tubing.

People can be so crass. Once again we heard them laughing right outside the room. They had to know what was happening just A few feet away as they were manning a computer making notes. My husband stuck he head out the door looking at them all. It was shortly after that a girl came in to take out the tubing.

The thought of a long 20 minute drive home with his little body in the truck was daunting. We wanted him to be buried at his home.

My husband buried him where my garden used to be in a spot where he loved to chase little critters…..

I have a large flat slate stone I am going to decorate with him name and such to put over the spot.

Our bigger dog knows we left the house with him but didn’t see him come back. He had been sticking close to my husband and I and we can tell he knows. He too is trying to get used to our new normal.

The super unfortunate thing is that Tank(our bigger dog) will be 14 years old next year. He is starting to have problems with his back legs. I can’t bear the thought of that situation.

I have never had to do anything like what we had to do a couple of days ago. It is truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

We are still trying to get used to the new normal along with Tank. So many things just sneak up on you before you even know it is slapping the heartbreak right upfront once more.

R.I.P Sweet Friend

Jennifer Bates

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so Please feel free leave a comment, opinion, or feedback.



  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your 4 legged family member. I’m also sorry to hear how traumatizing the ordeal was at the veterinary office. I think most people just don’t understand that for some of us pets are family, but you would think that employees at a vet’s office would. I would also like to thank you for all the likes that you give my blog. It really means a lot to me and always lifts my spirits.


    • Thanks for your empathy. Yes, you would think at a vets office they would be cognizant on why people are there and how the situation would be affecting them.

      You are welcome for all the likes. I try to leave comments was well the day just seems to get away from me. I know likes are always welcome, but comments are nice as well. Thank you for taking your time for leaving this message.

      Have a nice day.


  2. This is so heartbreaking. I am sorry for your loss. When we get too attached to someone, it takes time to fill the void, when they leave. In most of the cases, the space they have taken in our heart remains just that, void!


  3. I am so sorry you lost a member of your family 😦 Three years ago we lost two pets in the same year and it is so hard.


  4. Sorry to hear about your loss of Skeeter or Skeet as you fondly call him. I hate losing a pet. Which was why I stopped having a live dog after my pet dobermann died after 13 yrs, the pain is just too great. Take care and may the memories of Skeet fill your heart.


    • You are stronger than I am it seems, I am not sure I could go about my day without a trusty companion. Although it will be a bit as we are just letting my older big dog have our time. However, I can tell he know something is missing even though he is persnickety(former word of the day) and growled at the little one. It never ceases to amaze me how smart and intuitive they are.

      All that being said I don’t look forward to the hurt I know that is unenviable. Hope your day is going well.


  5. We walked in your shoes several years ago. Our corgi got blastomycosis(sp) and we had no choice but to let her sleep. Our Vet was wonderful and we both were with her . She is buried outside the garden where she loved to dig…which is what did her in. You will be fine…just takes time. They are family after all.


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