Flashback Friday Original Post 9/15/14

Jennifer Bates

Ooo I Need a Birthday Card….

Technically Andrew’s birthday is Saturday the 20th on which he will be 20. However, we are

going to celebrate it the Friday before. We are all going out to eat with my Mom and Dad(Grandma & grandpa ). I still can’t belie he is 20.

I like the way this card turned out. However I can’t decide if I want to use this one or my ice cream cone card from the other day. Or if I’m going to make a totally different card before Friday. Its amazing what is all welling up with the simple act of trying to figure out what birthday card I want to use.

I seriously cannot believe how I have been affected by this phase of my life. NEVER, NEVER did I even dream that I would be affected so inversely

When I see one of his baby pictures I can still feel the sweet feeling of my little boy gripping my shirt in a fist as he rides my hip. Whenever I see the Tylenol commercial with the boy toddler playing hide-n-seek with his Grandma I can literally feel myself sucked back in time more than a decade ago. I can hear that little toddler(aka Andrew) laugh and talk with that toddler wobbly walk/run.

Before I had any kids my dream was for one of each. When I got pregnant the second time and found out we were having another boy I thought that was going to be great. My Mother once told me “a daughter is a daughter for life, a son is a son until he takes a wife.” I watch my sister-in-law with her daughters and her daughters with their sons and daughters and this simple statement seems to resemble the way things are. My nightmare is hardly ever being able to see my boys.

Its pretty bad when I can’t even write a post about a stupid birthday card. To make things worse every time I see my parents they seem to have aged so much faster then my previous visit. Even as short as a weeks time.

I do apologise for this multiple personality post that I seem to be writing. I honestly did not expect to go down this cyber road.



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