Flashback Friday—Original Post 9/25/14

Jennifer Bates

OCC Day 4 Copics-Turning on the Lights


Ahhh yes today’s class is my favorite kind of Copic coloring. I have to remind myself about which direction I am using as the light source. In the past I have never given light sources or shading any thought.

I will get all my “gear” surround myself with my colorful Copics and the picture I’ve decided to practice techniques on. Before I know it I just get lost in the picture I’m trying to bring to life. I have to suck myself into reality occasionally to give a look-see at what I’m laying down. I can’t remember where I got this cherry pic. Maybe

Practicing n playing
Practicing n playing

a Copic book I got aways back when I was just starting in Copic Land.

DANG!! I JUST GOT STRUCK WITH A LIGHT BULB! I forgot to do the middle things(stamens). Sooooo, I will be correcting my faux paux and then resubmit my practice…..grrrr


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