Flashback Friday-Original Post 10/19/15

Jennifer Bates

OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies

OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies
OCC Day 7 Stretch Your Dies

I’m sure some of you will be able to nod you head thinking oh man I hate those kind of days.

I was working on my card for day 7. Everything was moving along steady and peaceful, the love of crafting days. I had colored my background, made a little setting area, got things masked and stamped, even removed the masks.

if I was going to get a million bucks to tell you what happened I couldn’t tell you. I can say it was one of those slow / fast motion events. No avoidance possible….sigh. I was just beginning to pic the Copics I was going to use….thennnnn some how I bumped or tried to move and the lid popped off my black archival ink pad and laded open, black side down on my nearly finished card.

We won’t go into what I said about that, but eventually I was silent with mouth slightly open and frozen.ARGGGGGGG!!

Well as I sureyed the damage it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, but I couldn’t see an easy fix either.  I took a deep painful breath and finished my Copic work.

I decided that I was using it anyway. Even with the black cactus not turning out as I wanted along with scattered black heart break.

Hope you had better luck on your day 7 projects.


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