Flashback Friday-Original Post 10/10/19

Jennifer Bates

Today is short & sweet. I’m waiting on mail to come for possibility of creating “the” card that will steal my heart….

Being as I cut out white & red sets of candy canes…figured I should use them all.

I have to admit I might just end up sending out several different cards this year.  Unless, of course,  I come up with an “AH HA” creation!



    • I know right. I have been working on them this year too. Not because I am feeling it yet, but I guess people have to decide what they like and have to have time to get the cards so they have time to send them out. I am going to be sick of Christmas before Thanksgiving is here…..Ugh

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      • do you sell them? Good, handmade cards can be expensive here, > $25, but there areonly a few places who can get away with charging that much. My wife used to sell hers locally, $2 each, hardly covering the materials, let alone the time spent making them. Haha, there’s an intangible!


      • I have been trying to sell them for a long time. Aka my other blog https://handmadecardcreations.com

        I have two customers that are both friends of my Mother’s that I know I see them for $6. You are right though it doesn’t cover price of materials or the time it takes for making them.

        In my case having these two people who want to purchase them keeps them from staking up, as even though i use what I make I can’t use them as fast as I make them.

        I would be ecstatic if I was able to sell some online,…sigh, but what are you going to do?

        My father is aghast that more people are not interested in purchasing the cards I make and that they cannot be sold for anything near what he feels they are worth. I do take into account that he might be slightly biased.

        I have heard people talk about what they are worth, but then they don’t purchase any cards even for what I am selling them for.

        Except for the budget cards you can’t purchase the mass produced cards for this price.

        So, basically I make them for the love of making them. At times I donate them when I fined somewhere with the need.

        I hope you have a good day.



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