D🦷ntist….Never A Good Visit!


D🦷ntist…Never A Good Visit!

I have to say I have found, for me, even a “good” visit at the dentist is not a “good” visit to the dentist. Even if I have no need other than to have a cleaning. After a cleaning and I am walking out of the office my teeth feel like they are jiggling around in my mouth..

However, I now need a dentist for a definitely not “good” reason. I feel like this need is because of the heavy duty meds I was on for years as my brushing habits never changed.

One day about 2 years ago when my main doc of 14 years up and fell off the face of the Earth I had one of many tragedies. I was finally done with my withdrawals from the heavy meds from not being able to get refills on the meds he had me on I had a heartbreak.

So, I was sitting on the toilet seat lid brushing my teeth, just like every other day in my life and I broke into tears. 😭 (maybe I over reacted….not sure)I was just sitting there talking to my husband who was in the other room and ……dink,,,,,a piece of a tooth chipped off. I have NEVER had that kind of problem with my teeth.

Since then I have had 2 more pieces chip off the same tooth. Needless to say my tongue and cheek are not happy. Yes, I have been procrastinating. I am definitely not looking forward to what is going to have to be done and how much(even with dental insurance)it it’s going to cost when I go to the dentist.

Just when you think there is nothing worse than doctors’ you have been seeing and the meds you pay for you go to see your dentist and you are proved wrong. Dentists’ are worse…….okay, well maybe unless you have to have surgery or hospital time.

So, I have to have “the” tooth pulled and it is infected……greattttt. Then I need to have a deep cleaning….. Ugh, I’m not sure, but this might mean they take each tooth out, clean it, and hammer it back into place. I’m not sure about this though…..ask me next Wednesday.

As if that’s not bad enough I need at least one root canal and crown…maybe two, and at least two cavitities filled.

I’m told if I wait for some of it until January my insurance will start covering some more of the things needed again….. Welllll Hello. Oh yessssssss, I am spacing this junk out. I am definitely going to be putting some off until January so don’t be rushing me Dentist-Doc.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to all this…..stuff.

The moral of this story is…..brushing everyday and going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned is sometimes nullified by other things going on in life…..UGH

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



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