🦷 Minus One Tooth & Live To Tell About It….Barely

Toothache, dental care concept. Unhealthy, cracked and broken teeth on white background 3d render.


Yes today was “D”(Dentist) DAY!!

I have been dreading this particular day for several years since my tooth first broke. I had gone to one dentist maybe a year or so ago, but I did not care for them. I cannot tell you exactly why, but they just rubbed me the wrong way.

Out of the blue a little over 2 weeks ago I visited Aspen Dental . I posted 🦷 Dentist..Never A Good Visit after that visit. I was supposed to go back this last Wednesday, but ended having to reschedule for today.

Yes, even thought I was dreading the whole visit I went. I had a “deep” cleaning due to me letting my brushing habits go a bit as I have been feeling like bleepity bleep bleep lately.

It was time to pay the piper. I was scheduled for the “deep” cleaning first. The hygienist had to put some topical numbing junk that made me want gag 🤢on my gums before she started scrapping. Then she did the polishing and flossing.

To get me ready to see the dentist she put some other kind of numbing stuff one the from and back of the tooth that was going to get pulled. If I thought the fist stuff tasted nasty I was blown away with this stuff. So nasty she had to do a quick water spray and suction as I wast trying not to puke 🤮. That would not have been a pretty sight.

Then 😧 I see the needle. Yup I broke out in a sweat 😓. Yes……needle….ughhhh. Not just one shot 4. YES!!!! 4 shots!!

When they took my blood pressure I had the highest blood pressure I have EVER had!!(Hmm wonder why)It was like 184 / 110 I think. I am positive about the 184. The bottom number was either 110 or 100.

Appearantly this was somewhat alarming as they keep asking me if I was on blood prettier meds? If not I needed to be. Uhhh no. I was just in to see my doc on the 9th and it was normal as always.

When I get in with the dentist he gave me another shot. Yikes! What the heck. “Pop” my tooth was out they stuffed some gauze in my mouth and I was outta there with instructions and prescription rinse and toothpaste.

Bye, we’ll see you in 3 months. Call us if you have any problems. <waving> Uh huh don’t call me I’ll call you I’m thinking and I hit the floor moving as fast as I could muster.


  1. I avoided the dentist for about two or three years and regretted it when I found out how much work I needed done. The worst of it was the initial teeth cleaning (ouch!) and I’ve since promised myself I would brush and floss every day (it has made a difference). Sorry about your teeth pulling incident, that is never fun, but I hope you are feeling better today.


    • I totally understand the initial teeth cleaning thing I always leave feeling like my teeth are rattling around in m y head. Yes, thankfully feeling better thanks. Have a good one.👍


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