Spring…🤔… Fall Cleaning

Don’t Ignore When the Urge Of Decluttering Hits!

I truly wish we had a before picture. I have been totally useless for over a year maybe even 2-3 with medical b.s.

My husband had been trying to work 40 hours(or more)a week, grocery shopping, suppling meals(cooking or such), and trying to do minimal cleaning. I say minimal not as a insult, but because he was doing so many other things.

Our kitchen table and counters looked like the disaster in the cartoon image above. We both hated it, but I am pretty much useless(much to my disappointment).

He took a vacation week this week(today is his last day). In addition to the kitchen we needed to clear out our back room so he could lay the floor in that room. So, I quietly started do little bits here and there which is about all I can manage at one time. Doesn’t get much done fast.

My husband noticed that I was doing this which motivated him to start digging in to the clutter with me. Unfortunately, I am his motivation. It is hard to motivate someone when you can’t do much.

I had gotten the back room to where I could do all I could do. I had gotten all my things off of the table and counters. My husband then got the table totally cleared off and I helped him(while sitting in a chair) finish up the counters. We did a lot of tossing of tons of out of date items and broken items.

We have a king size bed now which is a bummer as many of my lovely quilts are queen size. We do have our previous queen size bed that we are going to use as a guest room bed. This is nice as I can still use the quilts there.

He had been wanting to straighten that closet that had the quilts in so I put all the queen size item in a empty chest of drawers. This allowed us to just have our king size things and allowed us to declutter and organize this closet. Me on my chairs directing. I then moved some things around which surprised and pleased my husband.

Me, my chair and my husband just about managed to go through almost all our kitchen cabinets. We only had two cabinets left before we had trash and recycle bins filled. We bought a panty type cabinet for the kitchen which for the most part is only going to have our food in it.

All this allowed my husband to bring all my family heirlooms and collectibles from the back room to the kitchen. I was seated by the sink with a side of soapy water and cleaned everything. Then we got them put into my china cabinet where they were supposed to be. Now the back room is nearly to a point where he can work on the floor. Since he is going off vacation it will spread a bit over time while he works on it. Slight bummer but what are you going to do….there is only so much time in a day.

Speaking of time…..I hate time changes. It always throws everything out of wack.

We are in a holding patten for now as our trash and recycle bins are filled. No more decluttering until those get emptied over the next few days.

I am thinking if I am able to move I can get caught up of a few cards that I need to get caught up on while we wait. It is a shame how bad I feel from the little I have done….sigh.

My son(s) already told me that they would help(which means I will keep them company) when I need to paint the room the flooring is going in and then another room a little later.

Since all the bins are full. My chair, husband and I have even been able to catch up a very few things outside.

Apparently, between the time change and the physically tiring week we totally crashed today. I got up at 5a.m. and did a little bit of blog stuff, but ended up falling back asleep round 6 a.m. I got up fora good at 9a.m. My husband slept until about 11a.m.


I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



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