Flashback Friday-Original Post 11/20/19

Jennifer Bates

Fried Brain…Can You Smell the Smoke??

Brain Fried

For some reason today my pencil I always use decided it was going to smear at the smallest touch of anything. Oh well roll with the pencils, right? HeHe.

I have a desire to lock myself in my craft room with all of my lovely art supplies.

On the other hand, I have been procrastinating about getting some things onto this blog and some social media accounts set up. I’m not typically a procrastinator, but these couple of tasks seem overwhelmingly difficult….sigh

For anyone who has viewed my blog in the last day or 2 may have noticed that I actually have managed to get a FB link to a Paperkutzs FB page onto this blog on the right sidebar.

I’ve also, managed to get a share buttons at the end of each post. Only problem is the FB share button goes to a page that shows my blog posts…yeah, but I really would like to have my posts go to the Paperkutzs page and the share button point to that page as well….BOOOHOO..lol

Soooo, me being me I also am trying to get the Pinterest button to go anywhere. Ideally I would like it go to my Pinterest blog board & related boards. Then there is Instagram, that one I can’t figure out at all yet as anyone will be able to not see…lol Well, I did get an account created.



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