Yikes! Crafttastrophy!!

Yikes! Crafttastrophy!

First, yes….I am pretty sure crafttastrophy is a word I made up. If it is a real word neither me or spell check know how to spell it. Ahhh, I digress.

Crafting may seem like a fairly safe hobby….<cough> addiction. However, sometimes no matter how careful you are mishaps will occasionally occur. Here are a few crafttastropies I have experienced. Some more concerning than others.

  • Paper-cuts
  • Accidentally cutting myself
  • Wearing more color than I put on my project
  • Accidentally cutting my clothes
  • Burning fingers
  • Having a crafting piece I am using mysteriously disappear
  • More super glue on me than on the item I was trying to glue together

Yes, I know, most of these seem tame and non consequential. Yesterday, I was diligently working on a project.

I had my hair up in a ponytail. I was about to heat emboss a sentiment and was letting my heat gun heat up before I pointed it at my paper.

I was using my hands to clean something while I waited. I unconsciously put my heat gun on my shoulder and held it between my shoulder and my bent head. I know this may sound asinine, but I have done this many times.

Sooooooo, I picked the heat gun up to apply heat to my paper. In the few seconds it took to heat the embossing powder my nose started to smell a disgusting odor.

I thought maybe I had blocked the vents on my heat gun. However, when I smelled the heat gun I smelled nothing unusual. I kept smelling the weird smell and keep re-smelling my heat gun.

I thought my dog was in my craft room with me and so I admit I started blaming him thinking he had passed gas. He will occasionally do this even though he knows my craft room is a not flatulence zone….lol However, when I turn around he was nowhere to be seen.

The smell was driving me crazy. So, I called my husband to come into my craft room. As he arrived I told him I smelled something weird and I couldn’t figure ou what it was.

He proceeded to smell my heat gun as I had done many time. It took him a bit but finally he discovered I had burnt some of my hair….ugh

I cannot even describe how bad bunt hair smells. He could not narrow down where the burnt hair was so it was off to the shower for me….<gag 🤢> When I had come out of the shower he had Febreezed everywhere…lol

Luckily I had no clumps of hair come out as I was washing and conditioning my hair. I lucked out there.

Before anyone says anything, I know this was not the smartest thing I could have done. However, sometimes ya just do…..what the heck were you thinking 🙄……things.

Here is the project I was working on when this crafttastrophy occurred.

Winter Wonder Online Class W/ Heather Telford Lesson 3.1 Card 1

Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates

Winter Wonder Online Class W/ Heather Telford At CourseCraft

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