SHHHHHHH…It’s A Secret!

Gift For Youngest Son & Long Time GF

Jennifer Bates

The Story Behind The Handmade Gift…

First, I wish I could list the products I used, but many of these items are from my craft room stash that I have gathered over the years.

I did use Multiple colors of Sparks Acrylic Paint, some chalk paint, and some rust paste.

First necessary change of plans. I was wanting to put the hinges and key hold so that they were in and down portrait way. <😌> I remembered after the super sticky glue dried that the only picture that I had that I wanted to use was landscape. Luckily I remembered before I put the little key to my heart inside the little picture frame in a bad spot that I had to move that.

I reconciled myself to have the hinges looking like the were going to open bottom to top as I could put the frame stand either way.

Second aggravation. As I was going though all my doodads and such I wanted to use a pair of chipboard sissies, but I thought that doesn’t have anything to do with them. After I had started placing things on the frame I realized my son’s gf loved to cut hair.

<🙄> I went digging though everything I had previously looked through and could not find them anywhere….ARGGGHHHHH! I thought… ya know I am going to find them when I am done and have no place to put them.

***Spoiler ALERT****

As I was putting up the last few items I picked up something I had forgotten about and BAM!! There are the !@&$@! scissors, and they were too big for any doable space I had available. I might look on the internet…aka Amazon and see if I can find a suitable size scissors charm.

Before I started this project by watching a few mixed media rust type frame videos. I loved the way they all layered things and I might try doing a canvas or something like that a for fun later. However, I did not want to layer what I had picked to use as everything I used had meaning and I wanted them to see all the little choices;

  • Rusty looking brads that looked like screws
  • The hinges and keyhole
  • The key hanging from a clip chain that I used a jump ring to connect them together as the chain clip didn’t open
  • The little picture frame that I have been saving for years for a reason to use
  • The fact that I thought to put a little key on top of a heart(key to my heart)
  • The guitar and sheet music symbols because they both love music
  • The interlocking hearts
  • The anchor and boat steering wheel(can’t remember what the stupid thing is called) as my son took a boating certification course and they both love the outdoors
  • The gears just ‘cause they are cool and rusty
  • The wishbone
  • The bead chain I carefully placed on the very edge of the frame
  • Etc.

Hmmmm ….As far as I can remember, as of now the only other thing I might do is take out the picture(I printed 2) because it is slightly crooked.

Through all my griping I do like the way it turned out. I just hope they like it. 🤞

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



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