Did Ya Know?? Fix For WP Error??

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Perhaps Not A “Fix” But A Work Around For WP Error

For probably about a month or more now every time I have tried to include a blogger’s photo in response to a prompt WP has given me an error.

The error states that the photo type is not allowed…Whaaaat??? I receive this error on my iPone and my iPad Pro.

I have spent a lot of time reboooting my devices and switching from one to the other thinking it was just a random error. However, I quickly noticed this was not this case. It became quite frustrating(to put it mildly).

Quite by accident I figured out a work around for this error. Granted this is far from acceptable(to me anyway) as it adds unnecessary time and steps to what would normally be a simple addition to my post.

That being said. First, save the photo that you are wanting to include in your to a post. Then go to your photos(not in WP), where all of your photos are saved and pick the photo. Click edit and the crop symbol.

Here is the truly asinine part of this work around. You only need to crop the image a fraction of whatever measurement you use. You don’t even have to be able to tell that you did anything to the photo. Click save.

Now go back to the post you are working on. Click to insert an image and go through the motions to add the photo to your photos so you are able to choose said photo. WP will them allow you to use the photo.

I have not contacted WP as more times than not it is a lesson in frustration. I find it hard to believe they do no know about this problem.

Seems like WP would have fixed this error by now, but apparently it is not high on their to do list.

I hope this is helpful.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. What I do on my iPhone is press down on the other blogger’s image. Then I’m asked if I want to save the image to my photos, share the image or copy the image. I save it to my photos as a .jpg file. Then when I go to write my post using the WordPress iOS app for the iPhone (and the classic editor option), I hit the plus sign, select the photo I want from my iPhone’s saved photos and insert it into the draft post. No cropping necessary. All I have to do is indicate alignment (I almost always choose “center”) and size (full, large, medium, small). Easy peasy.


  2. I did notice another funny the other week. Was it Truthful Tuesday?
    I right-clicked on PCGuy4’s image, selected Save As… and it prompted me to save the image as a .webp file,so I did.
    When I tried to load the image into my own library, to use in my own post, WP would not allow me.
    I got around the problem by saving the file as a jpg, which WP *does* support.
    So I’m left with two questions, (i) why not? and (ii) how did PCGuy4 upload his image in the first place?

    When you look at your file system, does it hide the extension from you? It could be that by changing the file and resaving, you are saving into a format that wp understands. Try saving next time *without* cropping it.


    • hmm, I don’t know I will have to try and see that. Since I am using an iPhone and iPad Pro I am not generally using a mouse. So, I have not tried right clicking on the image I just tap the photo and tell it to add to my photos..

      Yes, you have to wonder if the type is not supported how did he upload his image, quite a quandary isn’t it?

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