Flashback Friday-Original Post 12/11/20

Jennifer Bates

WOW Sometimes Flashback Can Be Scary..

Work in Progress..Updated as Promised

Yesterday’s anticipated practice not ready at the time of posting

Well, let me just say I am working on today’s practice gal. You know how when a different kind of day comes around I think it’s fun to try to make my gal look like I feel…lol Yea I know, silly. However, tossing in something a little off course can make you say “ whoa let me see that again”.

If I didn’t toss an oddity in there every once in awhile what fun would it be to drop by for a peak at my blog, right?

Today I can tell you I did wayyyyyy more than I should have. For that matter more than I should have even thought about doing. I will be lucky to be able to get out of bed in the morning….ugh. As if that in itself isn’t bad enough I have a doc appointment tomorrow. A follow up in regards to the glue hair sleep study…

So, as soon as my chore overdosed gal is ready she will appear for all to  be stunned or to snicker at. Either or any reaction works for me…lol

A few words about how this turned out. Chickie doesn’t have blue chicken pox or a raindrop soaked face. My intention was it was supposed to look sweat soaked. Now that I see how the sweat looks in her hair I think I shouldn’t  have used the blue. Oh well, never know until you try, right?


Generic notebook used as journal

Sargent Art Water Color Crayons, (Amazon)(DickBlick)

Generic assortment of different sized generic paintbrushes

Glossy Accents, (SSS)(Scrapbook.com)(HallmarkScrapbook.com)(EH)

Zenacolor Water Color Pencils, (Amazon)

Pentel PG 1019 0.9mm Graphic Gear $pc Mechanical Pencil set, (Amazon)(Jet Pens)


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