What’s(In) The Picture—Stakes

What’s(In) The Picture by ChrisBreebaart


I woke one morning and and I glanced out the window. There was a glow on the horizon and the clouds looked angry and heavy. I was not sure if I was seeing sunrise or sunset. I then looked at the clock reminding myself that I had just gotten out of bed for the day.

I was watching the clouds with a pit in my stomach I was hoping the clouds were not hiding something more ominous. It was just about this time I heard the first rumble of thunder begin. It was so deep and felt so close I could feel it rise up from my feet. Of course just because there was a loud storm didn’t mean it would be a dangerous storm. The atmosphere just seemed to bring on the worry

Just as I was having this thought I caught the slight dip and curling of a could or two making my stomach turn. It was them I heard the warning sirens.

Barefoot and in my night clothes I ran to gather everyone I grabbed my dog and bird as we all headed for the storm cellar. We were all running down the stairs my Father was bringing up the rear.

My Father turned and was pulling the cellar doors closed when a gust of wind caught the door and nearly ripped it from his hands. My brother then ran to help him close and secure the doors it was then we began to hear the tell tale train like sound associated with tornados. They got the door closed. We all huddled in fear with our family and animal family at the bottom of the cellar as the doors banged above us.

It seemed like we were underground for hours. However after it had been quiet for a bit I looked at my watch and noticed it has only been five minutes. My Father slowly opened the doors and we all emerged to see what was left of the life we left as we ran underground.

Thankfully, we suffered little damage. Unfortunately, some of our neighbors were not so lucky. So, we went about helping them as much as we could.

The stakes were high, but everyone escaped the terror with their lives. This was of course good news.

***I have thankfully never been in a tornado. This is a story I made for the given picture.****

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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