EEEEEEEKKKK!!!!<girlie scream>

First, let me say I don’t have a picture of the wind chimes. I didn’t realize the simple act of cutting them apart and washing the pieces was going to be so traumatizing.

So, yesterday when I was letting my pup Tank(actually almost 13 years old..sigh)out I happened to see some wind chimes I had hung ages ago. This particular set had a tea pot sitting on a saucer. Scatttered amongst the chimes were little tea cups atop little saucers.

I decided this set of chimes was on borrowed time and I wanted to save the little decorative do dads. So I made a mental note to ask hubby to take them down tomorrow(which of course is today) when it is light out.

Well, amazingly enough I remembered to ask hubs to get them down. I had him set them in the sink and I would take them apart and wash them. Sounds simple enough….right?

After he had them down and in the sink I spent time cutting them apart. However, it was not as easy as anticipatee.

Whatever machine tied the little knots that connected every little thing was pretty dang good at tying minuscule knots that would never come apart. I finally got all those little suckers removed from all the parts.

Whew…. Okayyyy finally got things apart and the strngs tossed. I filled the sink with hot soapy water. I started just washing them but decided they needed to be soaked awhile.

I did wipe down the chimes and set them aside to dry. I was going to toss them but at the last minute I changed my mind. I thought maybe I could use them in some mixed media project. Worse case scenario I will end up tossing them later.

As the sink was filling I saw that I missed a string so I reached into the soapy water and picked up the string. Just as I was lifting it out of the water I noticed the string had a head. <girlie scream> yes I did do a total girlie scream.

Before I could yell for my husband to rescue said lizard I girlie screamed again. This time it was because the lizard had jumped part way out of the water and was holding onto the spout of the tea pot with suds on his(or her)head that was not under water yet.

After the second scream I was able to get hubby. I shrieked in horror as he wanted me to turn on the garbage disposal. NOOOOOOoooo, get him before he drowns and it is in hot water. He finally saw his little head and delicately picked him up and deposited him outside..

Shaking his head an laughing at me he started back to watch his movie. Before he got past me I girlie screamed again! EEEEEEKKKKKK…..I picked up and dropped another one back in the water. Hubs sighed and picked up the 2nd lizard and deposited him outside as well.

This time he was standing next to me at the sink. You know they are probably going to die….right? He says/asks. To that I said well they have a better chance than if I had chopped them up in the garbage disposal. “True” he responded

Hubby moved the soap bubbles around verifying there were no more critters in need of rescue. Then he was back to his movie. I on the other hand was waiting for my heart to return to normal.

Jeezz, who knew?!?

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



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