What A Nightmare! Will Be Paying For Today!

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Today(Monday) could have gone so different…sigh Instead I am going to be paying for this “new” doctor visit for several days. It’s gonna suck big time.

***A little back information. The new doctors I have been going to for almost 2 years sent me a letter a few weeks ago. The letter said they were not going to be seeing patients under 65 years of age anymore so I needed to find a new doctor, Great!

After calling several places that had the same criteria I finally just called Bond Clinic. So, my first doctor(nurse practitioner) visit was today. I left way early as I had to get gas. End of easy going.

Siri was giving me directions. For some stupid reason she basically had me do a big square before telling me I was there. I’m sure she had her reasons.

So, in I turn…holy cow there were a lot of cars. Seeing a long wait time dancing in my head. If only it was to be so simple. I was weaving my way about looking for a spot, preferably close)to park.

Then I make the next turn and no spots. Not a big deal except…what the heck….there was no exit either. The exit was the way I entered…..which was behind me… who builds a bleepity bleep parking lot like this!

Luckily as I’m doing my 50-point turn to exit a guy is pulling out. Thank you for small favors.

I park, get out, grab cane, purse, medicine bag, and close the door.

No sooner had I closed the door than a pill bottle promptly falls out of my bag and rolls under the car next to me🙄.

Kneeling on the nice soft pavement I’m using my cane like a 🏒hockey stick to retrieve my pill bottle. Finally, I had the bottle back in the bag.

With my dented asphalt knee and all my gear I begin to make my long trek to the entrance. Oh boy back is knotting like a mofo & this stupid mask is not helping(just sayin’).

<que choir music> I’m at the entrance. I ask about the doctor I’m seeing. Oh, they say “he’s on the other end”(mental cussing). I verify, “down with the fabric cover?”. Yup he says.

As I’m trying not to think about how much I’m hurting my Jeep seems farther away than when I left it. I literally throw all my junk onto the passenger seat.

I weave my way to said area, Score! A close spot! I get out and as I start walking to directed area I’m trying to remain calm. As I am walking over, there is only one door and it looks vacant.

Grrrr, I humor myself and tug on the door yup… nada. I look down at the middle entrance. No use moving Jeep as there are no spots and it is a long walk(for the way I’m feeling).

I begin heading toward that entrance. At the same time wondering why they didn’t think a bench every now and then might be nice.

I was starting to have a serious pain/mental melt down(like crying melt down). I was considering sitting on a curb and saying screw this appointment , which I knew I couldn’t do. I wasn’t sure about the getting back up from the lowwwwwww curb so I nixed that idea.

I was getting close to the entrance now. Were my eyes deceiving me???? They were not, there was a bench. I sat to rest a bit. But…Hold on….What the…. I now had a wet arse. Just what I needed.

Wet arse, but no temperature so I was allowed in.

I made it to the docs spot. They get my name and date of birth. Ohhh(ut oh this is not going to be good)your a new patient(DUH) you have to go to the front desk.

That’s it that is all I could take. I promptly sat down and called my husband. Yes, I was 😭crying and in unimaginable pain.

I was laying all my frustration out and how things had gon this far, when I heard the receptionist ask if I would like a wheelchair🙄? That would be great thank you

After talking to hubs so I could vent there was still no wheelchair. Screw it. I got up and headed to the front. Lady asks if wheelchair is here yet and I replied no that they were obviously busy.

As I start to walk I grabbed my &$&@! medicine bag wrong and a bottle fell out, Then two more😡.

I started to bend down but a nice older lady beat me, which was so sweet. Dang if I didn’t accidentally hit her in the head with my cane. I felt terrible

Now that I’ve relayed all the drama I will condense the rest.

Lady at front desk got me a wheelchair, did her due diligence, and wheeled me to docs spot. I filled out paperwork ended up leaving about 1pm after arriving around 9am.

As I left there were hardly any cars in the lot.

The intense pain made worse by the mounting stress is going to make me ill until probably after Christmas….sigh Good thing I rescheduled my Wednesday eye exam.

***Sorry so long….this ends up being a little therapeutic.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. Wow! I didn’t see this post when you wrote it, or I’d have been weighing in. A tip for you: When you’re setting up your next appointment, make sure the doctor’s office knows about your mobility and pain issues, and tell them up front you want a wheelchair and assistance to the office. Since a lot of places aren’t allowing people to bring anyone with them (to assist them), it’s the least the facility can do, in my opinion. I physically cannot walk very far any more. I risk passing out and falling down. So I tell them “wheelchair please!”. It’s only been a problem once. I hope your subsequent visits are better and that they give/gave you some relief!!


  2. OMG! What a nightmare, I am so sorry you had such a horrible day, I do hope you are better and can laugh at it all now! Sometimes you just gotta stop, breathe and start over, oh, and ask for help!


    • To true. Since it was a new place I guess I didn’t really know where to go for the help. Sometimes it helps just to write it all down, so writing the post was helpful even if it did not appeal to the masses


  3. Oh I was right there with you as you had to move cars and pick up bottles (or have help
    Picking them up) and glad you persevered and glad there was a bench – whew
    And so wow – four hours later and all done …
    Hope you feel better somber than Xmas


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