12 Bloggerz! January 2021-Game 9


12 Bloggerz! By A Guy Called Bloke


What do you think will be the future of ‘typical’ online social media platforms – like Facebook and Twitter as examples in the next 10 years … will they still be around, or as popular, as used as much – will users be looking for something different or will they still be content with the models as they are now or demand changes?

For kids…mainly teenagers who I think they tend to direct their platforms towards the current platforms may still be around in som form or fashion. If they don’t keep them happy someone will create the next “big” thing to draw them to their platforms.

There are also many people who use those platforms to use alone or in conjunction with their blogs or websites to sell their products… aka make a living. So I think the platforms need to keep things simplified enough to make their users’ situations worthwhile. Here again there will be someone waiting in the fringes to give this group what they want.

Then there are those adults / others who use the platforms too keep in touch w/ others or who or whatever. Here again if things get to complicated or absurd they will look elsewhere as well.

Basically, I believe the internet in all it forms are here to stay. But hey, I could be wrong It wouldn’t be the first or last time.
Whilst education is all important from young to old alike – how important still are actual brick and mortar schools when Covid displayed to us that online learning could work efficiently as an alternative? Children have been successfully schooled at home for many years anyway with Home schooling programmes – so are ‘schools’ still a requirement or will the future all be about online remote education only?

Well. I think this is a tricky question. I think perhaps, especially in the earliest years maybe even tweens or 11th & 12th grades humans need to learn how to get along with others.

I don’t think all the things learned by actually being around others can be thought of and accounted for. So, perhaps there needs to be some rotating schedule or such for those kids that live in households which have the ability to have a choice.

As we all know under non mandated circumstances actually even when they are mandated not all families have the ability to choose.
How do you think you will feel about travelling/holidaying/vacationing freely with people, intermingling and socialising in a post Covid vaccinated society – will you feel as comfortable as you did say pre-Covid?

[If you never felt comfortable, this question may well not apply]

If I ever have the opportunity to travel post COVAID I don’t see it being an issue.
Has Covid awoken the new way forward for our world’s history – as in – is 2021 going to be even more progressive across many industries than all the years previous the pandemic from the arrival of the millenium or do you think the future will still be achieved on the initial pathway it was taking?

I think it will depend on the actions and comfort level of whatever age group in the majority. Even then people will take actions to meet their comfort level.
With the pandemic, our medical services and health departments have been under siege of almost war like scenario’s – doctors, nurses, consultants all have felt the pressures of this last year – the emotional stresses and strains of having to deal with so much loss despite their clinical training and objectiveness. 

Our governments who have for decades continued to cut back on medical budgets have been slapped black and blue with this pandemic – and millions of currency has been produced to combat this deadly virus .. millions that were needed for research before but never available – magically appeared …. what do you think the future of our health care will look like from this year onwards?

The “people” will always have to furiously fight for what they think is needed and most definitely always have to raise the governmental money gap privately
Our very lifestyle has changed this last year, the way we socialise principally replaced with a virtual social environment – whilst there will always be those who ‘break’ the restrictions – they are the minority – the majority try and adhere as safely as possible to the way of life as we now know it today to stop the spread. 

This doesn’t mean that ‘outdoorsy’ socialising is dead – it merely means that lifestyle designers and developers must start to really rethink the way we live our lives in a social setting ….. what do you think is the future for the likes of the entertainment industry, retail and hospitality?

We are going to have to decrease our concrete jungle footprint. Which means let those trees grow, plant some flowers, get out the lawn mower and let our kids get dirty. Show then dirt washes off. Create other outdoor social areas.
What is the magical property to Toilet Paper – as in why during the lockdowns is this product always running short – for something which is principally an end product waste service item …. it is considered unhealthily desirable by a panicked population – why/?

I find this a mystery. Perhaps one of those weird cause and effect things that occur when people suddenly lose control. An item you(or I anyway) would ever think of.
Did you acquire any new skills or attributes during the last year as in did you start growing a beard or longer hair, become a hunter or a gardener and fending for yourself and your table or develop a new set of previously hidden muscles or something else?

No only I’ve only gotten fat since I can’t seem to get. Medical doctor & insurance to truly understand how truly awful my back pain is.

Separate from what they won’t seriously help me figure out medically in a cost effective method until deductible is met. Not that I’m frustrated.

Even when I was. 135lbs. For 4 years medical was the same. Back issue is recent additional issue.
How many masks do you own and do you wash and clean them on a regular basis or are they not used as much to warrant that – are they disposable or patterned and bespoke made or commercially bought?

I have a few disposable, 1 reusable that I rarely wear as I rarely leave the house.
In fairness ‘online dating ‘ has been around for a long time and was fast becoming one of the most progressive ways to ‘physically date’ – but are the days of old ‘dating and courtship’ now long gone?

Will the new dating game be a snails pace marathon or what is fast becoming termed as “slowed virtual dating” – is the physical side to dating now gone forever?

No, I don’t think it’s gone forever. I do think there will be the same problem meeting people unless a person is active in activities other than bar hopping.
During this last year what have you entertained yourself with more – reading, writing, music, films, outdoor activity, new hobbies, a balance of everything, work …or something else?

Visiting my parents’ and kid occasionally, teleadoc, going to doctor, lab work, and post office. Visiting w/ hubby at home mostly working in craft room and blogging.
This month a new Interview Series begins – “Guest Star Day” which focuses on bloggers, writers and authors alike – currently there are two interviews lined up to start the series – these being Stephen Blyse Writes and Paula of Light Motifs II . Now if you too would also like to take part in Guest Star Day let me know below.

Not opposed, but also not sure my blog is out there enough yet. Not sure what I would even know what to do or say.

I love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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