Super Cheap Unique Organizing Idea!

Gutter Shelves…Love Them!

I was watching Utube videos on how people have organized craft room items and just organized different things in general. I was looking for ideas to help in my new craft room.

I ran across this Utube video on gutter shelves from The Crafty Organizer, Wall Storage For Crafts – Ridiculously Budget Friendly!

I had my husband make my shelves 3 feet long(so I have a 4 foot section left over to use later if I want). I won’t lie my husband thought I was a little nuts when I asked him to makes these for me. He groaned(I could almost hear his eyes roll🙄)several time before I could actually get him to buy the gutter and end caps.

You can choose any length for your slelves that works for your needs. The gutter comes in lengths of 10 feet. In the video you will see a different way yo put ends on the shelves I however wanted to use the gutter end caps.

I liked the way they turned out in the video, but I admit I was a little nervous how they would look. I was surprised how much I LOVE them!! Even my husband was surprised how nice they turned out!

As you can see from the picture I am using the bottom one for little paint bottles and spray paint.

The top one I am going to use for ribbon. I just didn’t have enough time to get it set up last night. As you can see I did put one item on the shelf.

**Yikes forgot a step for the ribbon shelf. For the ribbon shelf I did as she did in the video and put a pool noodle in gutter first so that the ribbon stays up where you can see them easily as some rolls are smaller than others.

I had been moving this roll of fishing line around all over my previous craft room. I was always looking for a convenient place to store it and one that I would remember where I actually put it.

Until now I always had to go digging around trying to remember where I put it. For this reason, the finishing line got the honor of being the first item on the ribbon shelf.

As you can see from the above photo, I previously had my ribbon stored on dowels. This worked great and my husband did a awesome job creating my vision of having it attached below a shelf.

One thing I never thought of was what a pain it would be when I ran out of a particular ribbon that was in the middle of the dowel. I would have to end up taking off half of the rolls to remove the empty one. Then put them all back on again.

After having to do this a few times I would just wait until several empty rolls needed to be removed or until I got new ribbon to put on before I would go to the trouble of removing or adding new rolls.

This gutter ribbon shelf is going to totally rid me of this problem. LOVE IT!!

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



    • I love it. Yikes I am going to update the post. For the ribbon shelf I did as she did in the video and put a pool noodle in first so that the ribbon stays up where you can see them easily as some rolls are smaller than others.

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