Jus Jo Jan & SoCS 01-16-21

Jus Jo Jan & SoCS 01-16-2021 by https://inkonapage.com/2021/01/16/jusjojan-socs-01-16-21/

First Things First

First thing that needed to be done was to let the dog out as he was making quite the racket. I was trying to let hubby sleep late.

My hubby has been working super hard getting my new craft room ready and helping me get things moved into the new room. I would never ever be able to do this without him. I feel terrible that I can do so very little.

I already had a craft room that I was working in. I basically just fit things in as I went. When this room became empty as one of my son’s moved into a slightly bigger room this room became an empty room.

When my son had moved into the bigger room my husband suggested that I move into the then empty rom. This was the second craft room. My working area turned from being a decent size to being about the width of my extended bent elbows….lol I was being swallowed by my beloved supplies.

The craft room before this second one was the same way, just smaller. I just kind of fit me in with stuff around me as space provided opportunity. Of course this was when I first began my crafting addiction.

I have written a few posts as this room has began taking form. This room was going to be different. I got to pick the color, how and where I wanted things store and so on. I am listing the previously posts below.

Partial View of 2nd craft room(the one I’m moving out of). 2nd Craft Room

12/27/2020–New To Be Craft Room. So Excited Trying To Be Patient

1/3/2021–New Craft Room Update

1/6/2021–Unique Organizing Idea

1/10/2021–Almost Moved In

1/13/2021–First Card In Nearly Finish New Craft Room

As I have been moving in my husband has commented on many an occasions that he can’t believe how much stuff I have….lol I told him that I had to creatively store things. He still can’t believe how full the new craft room has become. Once everything is done and said I will be using nearly every inch of usable space.

All you crafters out there know how exciting and difficult moving your supplies can be.

Whether you are a crafter or not I hope you have a nice weekend.

Have Fun!!

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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