Sunday Poser #11

Sunday Poser #11 by


What are you excited or apprehensive about this year?

I am apprehensive in regards to the new doctor I have been forced to find. They don’t believe Fibromyalgia is “real”.

I would certainly like for them to tell my what is causing my severe all over body pain if what I have been diagnosed with does not exist. Perhaps if they can find what my “real” diagnosis is they might be able to do something about the way I feel.

Of course they also have my back to contend with. I am trying to remain impartial as January 20th will be my 2nd appointment not including an appointment for labs.

They only took 3 vials of blood and a urine test(no doubt to see if I am taking any of the opioids I am allergic to despite having asked for nothing). Heaven forbid if they think they are treating an opioid addicted person even though I am allergic to them all and I told them if at all possible I did not wan any more pills. I was of the less is more thought, unless they are truly helping.

Sorry, as you can read I have become a bid jaded over the years. So many, many doctors it would blow your mind. So extremely many, many tests that all say I am normal.

Well, “real” diagnosis or not things are not “normal” as I certainly was not like this the first part of my life and definitely would not have chosen to suffer the 2nd half of my life up to this point like this voluntarily.

Apologies I am apparently feeling medically miffed today. I could build my dream house with what we have given to the medical(including prescriptions) system.

On a whole different note I am watching my beloved dog / best furry friend slowly(doesn’t seem so slowly anymore) going downhill and after losing our 15 year old dog last year. Some of you may remember. The pain is still raw and the thought of another lose so soon is heartbreaking.

What are your hopes and fears regarding this year

I unrealistically wish my best furry friend would magically feel better. However, being a realist I am afraid of having to decide when it would be more loving to let him go. Then I’m afraid what if I am deciding to soon or too late….sigh

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. These are quite worrying problems you’re facing. I hope your doctor can get to the correct diagnosis and treatment. All the best Jennifer. So sorry about the health of your dog. Hugs.


  2. Nutritional and herbal medicine, might be the way to go. I have being miffed with orthodox medicine since it couldn’t help me or my dad when he most needed it.
    I have gone back to the “roots” — figuratively speaking.
    I encourage you to try that too.
    It will be fun.😊


    • I have thought of that several years ago. The only problem is my insurance doesn’t cover those type of “medications” so to speak and they definitely don’t cover holistic “doctors”. So, as always money has a heavy weight on my medical care.

      Thanks for the potential alternative idea. Have a nice Sunday.


      • Really?! I’m sorry to read about such boycott. Now why does that sound fishy to me?
        So insurance only covers what isn’t working for your health. Unfortunately, I am not surprised.
        Don’t worry. Most of these “medications” can be found in your grocery stores on and off-line or at the Farmers’ Market in closest to you. They probably have an online version by now.
        Some jokingly call it the “Farmacy”, but I think it’s perfect.


      • yes, unfortunately for people insurance is / or has become a business not a resource for becoming healthy no matter what they try to tout. Still we must pay.

        . Farmacy sounds perfect to me as well

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