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Can A Doctor “See” Past What They Can “See”??

I had a doctors’ visit on January 20th. However, as I am just now able to talk about it that might give you a hint as to how well it went. I saw the Doctor this time where as last time I saw the Nurse Practictioner.

I knew I had bloodwork to go over as they had taken blood a few weeks before I saw the Doctor. As always my labs came back normal.

Not surprising due to my weight I was not surprised that my good cholesterol was high which was good, but my bad cholesterol was high which was bad.

However, for the first time ever I was told I was borderline diabetic…also I was no too surprised at this given my weight and lack of being able to do the smallest amount of exercise.

I was told I was a candidate for bariatric surgery. Whaaatttt??? I said it is my understanding that you have to lose 10-20% of the amount of weight you need to lose before you qualify for this. The doctor agreed there were some requirements.

I fist said I don’t need surgery I need to be able to move. I also inquired how, if I was interested, would I qualify for this if I cannot lose weight due to above limitations. To which I was asked how well I felt my depression was controlled<eye roll🙄>. I don’t think is controlled well and I am sure it has to to with my weight and my pain.

He asked what my psychiatrist said when told this. I said he nods and give me refills. I told him I felt this meant I am as well as I can be. As a side note I am limited to generic scripts dues to price. Even if there was a new one on the market it is not an option due to price.

So, as I am sitting there in excruciating pain and yes frustration in the whole situation made tears stream down my cheeks.

I was still trying to remain open minded. The doctor proceeded to tell me the first things we need to work on is my depression and weight. I’m sitting there thinking ?seriously>/

So, I inquired what he would suggest I do since this was my 2nd psychiatrist and he sees where I’m at. He gives me the name of another to make an appointment with….sigh.

Then I inquired how he suggest I lost weight since I can’t “do” anything. He started to comment on carbs..yadda….yadda. I told him I knew how to lose weight and part of that included being able to walk.

He says<hate this>the depression and weight could be causing all my problems. ?%^$#!? I agree, but yea….ok….well I was seeing doctor’s for this stuff when I was 135 pounds and before I was diagnosed with depression. He seemed to be a broken record with ear plugs in.

Then he says he needs some of my past medical records. I told him that would be fine, but they would have to copy them while I waited.

You don’t trust us he asks me? NO, I thought. What I said was it is not that I don’t trust you, however 14 years of those medical records is from a doctor who decided to fall off the face of the Earth and I had to wait months for the State of Florida to go through them before I could have them. In addition I have the only copy and if they are lost or damaged I do not have the ability to get another copy. He responds that it will take a few minutes for copy the records….ha…..he is no getting the situation.

I could not even discuss the visit with my husband or Mother when I got home. I could barely even re-think about it to myself how it went.

Since I got back from the appointment I wasn’t eating much sugar, but what I was eating I stopped. I ordered food I used to eat to be delivered. My husband gets stressed trying to find the food I need when he goes to the grocery.

I sit in a chair in the kitchen and painfully make my spinach shake. I will have to continue to broaden how I do things, which will only get me so far, as I can’t walk any distance.

I also need to call the new shrink. I am not looking forward to seeing another new doctor. My therapist stays the same, but she doesn’t proscribe me anything. I think I am going to have to see a new Pulmonary doctor too….sigh.

He is retesting my sugar in 3 months which will be fine because of the changes I have made and if he checks my cholesterol that will be improved as well.

I better lose some f’ing weight due to the drastic changes that I absolutely don’t feel like doing. I will still be depressed for the same reasons even though I start seeing his referral and I will still be in terrible pain.

Then we will see if he continues to blame everything on the depression and weight.

So, I am left wondering after hearing how long and what all you have been going through why it seems like a doctor can only see an over weight patient sitting before him and the word depression jumps off the page as she is crying so it can’t possibly be because she feels like sh*t?

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



    • Well, by the time you add fat free vanilla yogurt, vanilla soy milk, vanilla extract, p’nut butter and half a banana you can’t taste the spinach leaves, trust me the only other veggies I eat are lettuce, and romaine

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