Is Free Speech Still A Freedom?

Is Free Speech Still A Freedom by Sparksfromacombustiblemind

So, I have been tossing around thoughts in my head since I responded to Fandango’s Provocative Questions #105 by Five Dot Oh. After reading opinions from other bloggers and learning facts I didn’t previously know my brain was put into the hmmmm🤔 mode of my thought process.

I have not read any of the questions that will be posed further down in this post. I did this as I wanted to give me new potential changing thoughts.

If you want to see my original answer I listed the link to that post above. So, all that being said here is where I am standing as of now.

In this new digital age of ours I think Free Speech is going to need to include different categories just as some other things now that so much is done online. As what seems to be the norm “life” has not kept up to digital progress.

I think<<<my opinion>>>> Free Speech Should Always Be a Freedom and protected by our Constitution. However, I think Free Speech needs more defined definition I think:

Free Speech as a Freedom should apply to physical discussions and pamphlets and flyers as it has through the ages.

Digital Free Speech should be the ability to speak your mind according to the digital platform you or using a.k.a.==Terms Of Service of a particular platform.

  • If a platform tells you that you must abide by its TOS them the platform needs to be able to police their platform as a whole
  • If a platform is not able to police its TOS for every user(even if they have a million) it needs to create strict usage rules that it can police until the time is is able to police its TOS
  • I feel this should include a warning system so as a individual or group has time to correct its error(s)
  • There must be a way for a individual or group to dispute their penalty w/ a group as opposed to an individual in a reasonable time limit
  • If the TOS is due to being flagged by fellow platform users then I think that the flagged individual or group should be able to face a group of its peers just as criminals are able to do this in our court system.

Questions From

Questions From Sam

  • Do you think freedom of speech is in jeopardy?

I think it could be, but before anyone acts to hastily they should consider the United States of past versus the United States of the present and make changes to account for those differences. Then we should still be able to retain one of our most basic freedoms.

  • What do you think about people being banned on social media?

Well, as long as whatever the social media platform is as long as it is able to fairly police everyone of its users. If the user is not following the platforms TOS after the allotted warnings and banning is the penalty then that’s the way it is. If it cannot police every user then banning seems to need some rethinking until the platform can.

  • Do you see blocks as helpful or unnecessary?

Yes, however the word I will use is necessary.

Knowing how cruel people can be such as bullying and such that would be the online version of jail wouldn’t it?

One problem I can think of is that even though it may be listed in the TOS said banned person can easily create a new account until banned again.

Are the platforms going to be able to see this and police this as well?

  • What actions do you take to be able to continue sharing your opinions?

When I write or state something, especially something highly contested or something I think is a “touchy” subject I state that what I am stating is strictly my own opinion and let people know they are more than welcome to disagree…to themselves. That no blog bashing or such is needed.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. Sorry to reply here, but I didn’t get a notification of your reply, and I can’t reply to your reply directly on here.
    It’s a curious topic. I think having different rules for here and there would be a bit too confusing. Plus, why would they be different here and there? Interesting thought.


  2. I’m so happy to see that you are willing to discuss these difficult topics, to learn more about them, and adjust your views accordingly (if need be).

    You do raise some interesting points. Why do you think free speech is different on social media vs. in person, though?


    • First, an example. Generally speaking walking up to someone in person is not always easy, can be very difficult in fact.

      Now let’s go to a social media site(anywhere you can speak online would do)It is extremely easy to talk to someone you are looking at a photo(hopefully it really is that person)online. Unfortunately, that means it’s just as easy to tell someone anything you want online nice or mean.

      In the past I had a friend who didn’t see the person they were talking to online as if they were a “real” person with real feelings.

      To me everyone I talk to online I consider a flesh and blood person unless given reason not to, in the later case I will end my speaking with that type of person as they are talking to me “a real person” online and in person.

      Taking all that into account is the person who is speaking online (no matter the topic or platform) really speaking their true feelings on a topic or are they being hurtful or vengeful on a platform where they can reach an audience on a much bigger scale all at once and where they don’t have to truly accept the actions for their words?

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      • It’s all true. I treat “online” people as “real” people, too. While I’m aware that some of those might just be online personas, created for this purpose, I don’t care. That’s not on me. I play fair, the rest is up to them. I never “hid” behind the screen. Whatever I say online I could (and do) say in person. We don’t have a “stage” in real life as we might online, but it’s no excuse to not be real. Treat people as people on and offline.


      • yup, some just don’t”get it”

        So, I’m curious since you asked. Does it make sense to have different free speech for the physical versus the digital world? Even though we agree that in both we are all people.


  3. What a GREAT post! ❤ You very concisely and logically explained your points of view. I agree with them all too! I really enjoy reading discussions like these, thanks for sharing your point of view!


    • Thanks, as you know it’s always nice when someone agrees with you..heehee. I like reading them as well even though I sometimes have a short attention span…yeah I know the truth hursts sometimes.

      It’s always nice when you can have a discussion and it doesn’t break out into a braw/..


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