Study: But They Said Marijuana Was A “Safe” Drug

Study: But They Said Marijuana Was A “Safe” Drug by

Study: But They Said Marijuana Was A “Safe” Drug

Warning controversial subject matter.

This is solely MY opinion. Call me a prude, but I have never liked what is going on with marijuana. I still consider this a gateway drug.

First, let me say this. For the children who have terrible seziers and the THC they are given helps them I am totally okay with that. I can’t imagine how difficult and heartbreaking it would be to have to watch your child go through something so terrible.

I spent the entire time my kids were growing up telling them drugs(including marijuana)were dangerous(even a prescriptions drug whether prescribed or just using someone else’s’). Then about the time the were getting into their later teens this “safe” drug b.s.(in my eyes) started coming out.

It is extremely difficult to tell your kids not to use a drug(s) when they are hearing how safe it is from so many others. Awwww Mom you don’t understand🙄….I would sometimes see in their eyes when we were discussing the subject.

Unfortunately, at two different times my kids each got arrested for using pot. Luckily they were given the chance by the court to follow a program that included being drug tested randomly and paying fees over a 6 -12 month period and if they completed the program successfully their records would be wiped.

I am so glad the courts gave them this option. It has now been 6-10 years and as far as I know they have not used again.

I was certain to tell them no matter who said it was “legal” if their jobs tested them they could and would most likely be fired for having marijuana or anything they were not prescribed to them. If this happened it would make their employment options extremely difficult for a very long time.

I don’t care what they say, I do not consider cannabis “safe” and even though I have had so many people tell me how much it would help my medical conditions where modern medicine can not even figure out what I have. I just have no desire to even try cannabis.


After receiving a comment from MrBimp.UK I realized my brain was characterizing “safe” and legal as the same thing.

I feel I need to clarify this. I don’t believe kids consider whether something is “safe” or not when they are thinking about trying something.

However, they do at times show some hesitancy when they know something is legal or not as they don’t want to be “caught” per se knowing they would get in trouble.

Even what policy makers have deemed in their infinite wisdom to legalize cannabis in some form or another not all of the countries’ people agree.

You have already read in the beginning of this post when I can tolerate THC’s usage. I do feel for these parents and the price they must pay both physically for their child and monetarily to purchase the substance.

To clarify a statement above whether it is “safe” or legal makes no difference if an employer gives you a drug test and you test positive you will most likely be fired. You cannot even use it on your own time as the marijuana will stay in your system for a long time after and you will still test positive and most likely be fired.

I think teenagers and perhaps young 20’s have a hard time understanding this concept.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. I must admit, it doesn’t bother me if it is safe or not. It bothers me if it were made legal, whether it would put even more strain on public resources.
    In that way, your system is better – if you use dope, you will have your premium adjusted accordingly.


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