12 Bloggerz! February 2021-Season 2

12 Bloggerz! February 2021-Season 2 by A Guy Called Bloke


How high are your current energy and wellbeing levels as in are you relaxed, chilled, tense or stressed or do you think that despite everything you are doing pretty well and your mental health is balanced? 

1–Over the last few year psychiatrists have been unable to balance my mental health. Yett they change nothing making me think I am where I am going to be.

I feel like I am not able to find any doctor who believes what I tell them is going on with me and who is truly interested in what has been happening and worsening with me for the last 24+years. Yes, 24+ years.

I have had more tests than anyone can even imagine that always come back normal, which I am definitely not. I have also seen well over 20 doctors many on referrals. I am starting to view referrals as pass offs, so they have time where they don’t have to deal with me.

My questions is in regards to the Hippocratic Oath. When doctor’s take this oath to do no harm, does doing no harm include doing nothing?
Do you perform any ‘refreshing cleanses or routines’ to help you prepare for the day or the week ahead? 

2-I write in journals, but that is on many days not just preparing for any one thing or time.
When was the last time you had a major ‘declutter’ of the house and do you have one planned again?

3-My husband and I started one approximately November of 2020. I sit on a chair and help him make decisions about keeping it or trashing it and how to organize. We are still in the process of going though the house.
Do you have a ‘happy place’ you can go to relax and chill out – if so what or where is it?

4-My now New Craft Room, it is in one of the spare bedrooms of our house.
What are three of your favourited songs that you listen to when you wish to wind down and let the day pass you by for a while? 

5-“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert
Airstream Song” by Miranda Lambert
Chicken Fried” By Zac Brown Band
Which is more important in your eyes … to be kind or to be nice? 

6– This is a pair, you need one to go with the other.
When was the last time you experienced a strange and bizarre dream and what was it about and also, what do you think it means/meant? 

7– I have not reached the “dream” state of sleep for sever decades.
When was the last time you accidentally made yourself jump or you scared yourself? 

8– A couple of days ago when I thought a bug was crawling on me and it was just the edge of a table cloth brushing my leg.
If you had the opportunity of looking 10 years into your own future and living there for a day – would you take the journey? 

9– No, I don’t want to know I will feel the way I feel or worse forever.
How organic are you and your lifestyle [as in chemical free]? 

10– Well, eating I don’t buy organic as it costs quite a bit more. As in around the house we use bleach and regular soap, so I would have to say I’m not very organic.
Except 16-ish years or so ago when I was growing a food garden I didn’t use chemicals.
How well do you sleep and how many hours are you able to sleep daily and more importantly, how rested do you feel each and every day upon waking?

11– I do not sleep well I sleep off and on about 5-6 hours, not steady sleep. I do nap off and on. I never know I’m napping unless my husband tells me I was sleeping unless I notice a loss of time. So, obviously I don’t feel rested at all. I am also on sleep script that is supposed to help be sleep.

Yes, I have tried not taking naps, but it doesn’t change the way I sleep at night and since I never realize I fall asleep during the day this is hard to stop doing.
When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt immediately better for it? 

12–A few weeks ago when I posted my first You Tube video. I am trying to get things arranged better so that I can see if I can actually developed my You Tube Channel.


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