The Curious Case Of…Love Is In The Air!

The Curious Case OF…Love Is In The Air! by A Guy Called Bloke


Do you think that ‘background checks’ should be more commonplace between couples who are dating and or those looking to marry or live with each other?

Hmmm, Maybe if you are getting a weird vibe and you are not getting a straight answer when inquiring from your partner. Just a general background check, just to see if they have a dangerous past or they are lying or not coming clean about something.

A tool to help put your mind at ease. . Nothing like a deep FBI check or something done on a regular stream of the wedding ride.

Do you think love alone is enough to see people through everything?

No, I think it is much more involved than that. True there has to be love.

Over and above that I think there needs to be respect, friendship, commitment, and let’s not forget trust. After all your partner will most likely spend at least half of the day away from you(working for instance).

What are your views on people getting married/living together too young – are you in total favour of that or not?

I don’t have a problem with either one of those things. For instance I married my first 🤢husband at the age of 19. We we together off and on for a year and a half-ish. We were together for 5 days less than 10 years.

When my first husband came home and accused me of cheating on him after he knew I was busy working 40 hours and with 2 small kids the rest of the day & night. I figured the accuser must be the adulterer(after divorce I later found out I was right). We did not live together until we had been married.

My current❣️ husband❣️ and I moved in together after being together 6 months with along my 7 & 10 year old sons’ and his 17 year old son. His younger(15 year old) son visited over the summer once or twice. After being together 2 years we got married at my parents’ dining room table by a notary. We have now been married 15 years and together 17 years.

What do you think about people not getting to know their partners well enough – is it something that should be looked at more closely whilst you live apart or something that can be worked on when you are under the same roof together?

Well, I would say either way. However, even if you are under the same roof it doesn’t automatically mean that you are married to that person.

What are your views on couples who are teenage sweethearts and simply wish to get married and yet they have never sampled anything else of life, they have never had other partners and the list goes on … but they are willing to sacrifice their life for living with one person only believing they are the right person for them?

Not to sound like a broken record, but personalities make a big difference.

At least as teenage sweethearts they are in school and surround by hundreds of other options. They will also have time swimming in this ocean of fish to see how faithful their other half is. I’d say that would be pretty telling of how a person will be as time goes on.

Finally, which is the best love ? The one we think is right or the the love that finds you by chance or the love we source out with intention?

I’d say it’s a crapshoot.

**All that being said, a lot of any if’s really depends on the people involved.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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