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Thought On Scut

First, let me say I am in no way any kind of certified or even uncertified mechanic. However, my youngest son is a very good mechanic.

Oops actually first, first I am not leaving this as a rely as it seemed a tad long for that. So, I decided I would post a post responding to your post. Hmmmmmm🤔yup.

Whenever he works on my 2004 Frame w/ combination of 2000 and 2004 parts I hang out with him watching and asking tons of questions.

Second, let me just say your post was so long my brain started to scramble…lol So, I will make no promises about getting things in the right order or at not going from one subject to another and back again.

Ok, That all being said….

I can tell you that when I was in an accident last March there were a few parts for my Jeep year(s) they didn’t make any more and they had to do many searches and finally found one or two that were to do with the steering.

So, difficult to find in fact they didn’t know what they would do if it were to break….ugh

Now I find it quite odd that they would make a plastic gas tank….I mean seriously you can’t even put gas in a container unless it is especially made for that purpose.

I know this suggestion is going to be far from easy. However, if you can manage to get down on a knee and look under your car, I am almost positive you will see your gas tank somewhere near where you put fuel into your car.

Again, not being a mechanic this is simply my opinion, but I am fairly certain you will see it is metal of some kind.

Now if you would have as hard a time as I would getting at look under the car I would have your mechanic raise that sucker up in the air and have him put his finder on the gas tank.

As for the fuel cut off issue. I am not exactly sure how this works tubes, plastic, metal, orange peels, or what not.

I do know there is some kind of cut off so that when you are pumping your gas at the pump it hypothetically won’t just spew out all over the place.

OOOOOO, had a flashback moment…..

I am guessing you don’t go to the same gas place all the time. Just incase you do, I do remember that I have had occasional problems with a station pump trying to put too much fuel in all at once. If I have this problem I have to not hold the fill handle down all the way until I get to where it is happy.

I am guessing this is not your problem, but it popped into my head so I thought I would toss in my experience in this issue.

Now that I think about it I seem to remember having an issue on a car once with my gauge on my dash not reading correctly. Thee float in the gas tank got discombobulated(my word). Due to this it would not relay to the dash gauge the correct amount of gas in the tank.

Sooooo, there is at least a float in the tan, for every car that I’m not sure about. I still can’t speak of the tube thing, but I have not had to replace them on my slightly older Jeep than your “Baby”.

In this case I would also have the mechanic point those suckers out to me as well. Then I would go to a different mechanic and have him point all parts out to me and see if the information matches. If I did trust someone to fix under the ify conditions you are listing before they did any work I would let them know I wanted the old parts after the installed the new ones.

Not that I’m a B”tech or anything, but I would sit close to see the he was actually giving me ”MY” old parts. I would also tell him to be careful not to be misplacing any of the old parts if he wanted to get paid. For replacing said part…lol

Now to me that would make him think twice about screwing you(out of money-wise…heehee)as you are going to be given the parts.

Then just for fun after he pointed all the old to all the newly installed parts I would say “okay” and toss the old parts in a trash can where he could see me toss them….lol

I would say as of the last 7-10 years or so the price of cares even a bare bones model has become out of my ability to ever have one again. That is unless something were to change in the future…HA!

Moving on to the therapists. I can soooooooo totally feel your frustration. I have written a few posts of my doctor whoas and I considered putting links into my response here except you commented on them so I know your have read them.

Hmmmm, ok I have had a change of heart incase someone reads this and has no idea what I am talking about . You can just skim over these if you like…lol Here are a couple links to doctor dramas I have experienced. What A Nightmare…I’ll Be Paying For This and most recently Doctors???.

The mere mention that I have to see a different or new doctor makes my knuckles drag the ground. I am sooooo tired of telling everything all over again to the exact same questions it’s almost more than I can take.

So, I just received the papers from the new psychiatrist. They won’t see me until they have the paperwork🙄. My new internist thinks that since my depression has not been controlled by the previous 2 shrinks I saw that I should see a new one🤢.

I told the new internist that despite whether he or the new shrink likes it or not my medical care is dependent on generic meds and cost of what tests they want to do. Why? Oh I dunno I guess because the insurance my husband and I have paid a 1/3 of his salary for charges a jokingly abound of money for those non generic mends. Oh and because in their infinite wisdom they have double my cost of the generic drugs.

Yes the prescription people love to call and ask why I don’t order through the mail….it will save you time. “Uh Huh” have you started giving people a break in price like you used to or do I have to pay for all three months at once for all my meds at one time. Oh well there is no break in price, but it will save you time. Ha! It would save me time if you would stop calling me with stupid reasoning.

Well, I’m not sure I helped you one bit, but your post was just too much for me not to respond to. In the least I have hopefully made you laugh or smile. If I have done that, then my job is done.👍

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.


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