Never Thought I’d Be A Number Person

Never Thought I’d Be A Number Person

Birthdays were always just birthdays to me. I know….I know…age is just a number blah..blah. Yea, that is the way I was until…..

….Until the number 4 and 5 became 45(forty-five)…sigh Ok, 45, that’s not so terrible.

Fast Forward a week from this Friday on March 12th I will be turning 50. YES! 5 bleepy bleepin’ 0 for 50 years old. Okay, whether it’s just a number, a math problem, or price tag, I am having a terrible with a capital “T” time.

I am not in denial. Nope. I just can’t make myself put a current aged photo on any of my profile pictures. I know exactly when this inability happened. December of 2019. How you ask can I remember that datet when I can’t even remember what I jut ate for dinner.

Well, here is how it all went down. It was the year I was having to get my driver’s license renewed. Not just a regular renewal, but the one where you have to take in 50 different proofs of who you are and where you live and take a lie detector test to prove it is all your paperwork.

Okay so that last part might be an exaggeration. In Florida by a certain date you have to renew your license and you had to bring your certified birth certificate, 2 other for of approved proof of ID and residency I cannot remember what all, it was a major pain in the pa toot to say the least.

So, I made an appointment(minimize wait time)and lugged all my b.s. in with me. I finally got up to the counter and BAM! They had a HUGE(not exaggerating this time) can see it for miles(okay maybe blocks)away screen that your face is plastered on when you are in from of the camera! Egads!! I nearly stroked out right there.

I am seriously trying not to hyperventilating as I am waiting to see if all my paperwork was correct. Thank goodness, the paperwork passed the smell test.

Next, vision screening. WaaaWaaaWaaaahhhh you don’t pass, even with your glasses, not even with one eye at a time(as that is how my eyes work).

I am handed a sheet of paper and told I have to see an Ophthalmologist🙄 grrreeeaaat. Then bring “this paper” back and we will go from there….sigh.(whatever that means).

So, 3 months later I am standing in front of the camera screen from hell. My foot is tapping just wishing she would take the bleepin’ photo already. “Click”(thank goodness). Then I hear “how is that one? Do you like that one?” Whaaaaattttd? Yes…yes….It’s great.

If I had been physically able I would have run out of there, new approved license in hand, jumping rows of chairs like hurdles, and not stop until I got to my husband’s truck. Instead I hobbled out on my 3 legs(2 painful real legs and a cane=3)just incase you were unclear about my leg situation.

My beloved Mom, bless her heart. Last weekend told me she was inviting some family over for dinner since it’s my big 50. Yeaaaaa(inside cringing). As if she weren’t inviting enough people my husband received a revised expanded list. So, don’t be surprised if you get an invite in the mail. I love ya’ll, I really do, but it is okay if you have something else you have to do that day.

Maybe all this stems from my phobia of dying. All I know is I had to admit to myself that I am now a numbers(birthday wise)person.

Okay! Maybe I am being a Drama Queen! Compared to any of my other posts you may have read in the past, hoping some read my posts…lol (I don’t want to be assumptive). Should let you know how serious this is affecting me.

I have decided I am just going to go to a family get together and enjoy everyone’s company. Of course there is always the point when a torch on top of icing will be placed before me. There is no doubt “the” song will be sung. I will probably need oxygen after I blow out all of my candles….lol

Okay, I just have to laugh(albeit nervously) at this post. I mean I do attempt to edit my posts(even if not always perfectly).

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. Bahaha, you make me laugh! I have thought of that before…what it will feel like to turn 50. What is it? Because it is like the turning point where now you are definitely getting old? Happy Belated Birthday! I’m November. By then I will be a full time FL resident! I’ll let you know where we end up. St. Petersburg isn’t going to be the place for me. Too much concrete.
    Thanks for sharing that post!


    • Lol sure thing.

      Mom is in Lakeland(where I grew up) and we are in Winter Haven. Hmmm not sure, but I’ve felt at least 50 for a long time

      Good luck in your search for a landing city.

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  2. Happy Birthday in advance and may you be blessed with great health, happiness in more craft works and lots of dollars to finance whatever your heart desires. Remember young at heart and good faculties is key!


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