Belle—“Cooking Is Hard Work”!

Jennifer Bates

Original Bird Christmas Cookie Recipe from Flock Talk

Belle says “cooking is hard work”!

Today I Pulled a chair up to the counter to make Belle some bird cookies. As is the case 90% of the time Belle was traveling all over my clothes, arms and hands when

As this recipe is only 5 ingredients you would think it would go fairly quick. Uhhhh…. except for a tiny curious blue bird.

Everything I picked up she wanted to explore. If it was food it needed even further inspection along with a taste…lol

I could have taken her out to hubby, but she was funny. So, I let her stay until oven time. Which took about 5x’s longer due to nosiness.

When I make cookies for humans I think the uncooked dough is the best part. Apparently Belle thinks the same about the cookies I was making her.

As I was smoothing out the dough so I could cut it into pieces she was helping herself to whatever goodie she could

I finally got it down to the last bit of dough and a full cookie sheet I started to just take Belle out to hubby, but she started making this cute little cheesy noise she makes when there is something she really likes to nibble at,

So, me the animal softly that I am I put the little left per batter in a bowl and then took her out to hubby. She spent the short stroll making her way from my shoulder to the treat bowl.

As I was putting the shaped cookies in the oven I could hear hubby start laughing. As I am attempting to cleanup my mess…<ahem>…..<mine & Belle’s> mess up I hear “OMG babe whatever this stuff is she loves it.” As I hear another laugh and him saying something to Belle.

Since the bird cookies were cool I broke a little piece off to see if she liked the baked version. WooHoo she did. Belle ended up coming with me and finishing the little baked piece.

Then all our hard work, combined with her snack, and me messing up her head and neck feathers massaging her head led to the nap shown above.

Incase you have a bird and are interested in this beloved recipe here is my version.

Banana Oatmeal cookie (not sure where I found basic recipe, but mine is tweeted for us(

1 Super rope banana

1/3 Cup Oat Flour(Made by grinding up oatmeal)

1/4 Cup Regular oatmeal

1 TBSP Flaxseeds

1 TBSP Ground Walnuts

—Combine & mix all dry ingredients

—Add bananas to dry mix & stir well

—Add bananas to dry mix & stir well

—The batter should be sort of like sugar cookie dough

—Add flour or water til your happy with mixture

—Roll the dough out to about1/4” thick

—Cut your shapes

—Place on parchment paper

—In a preheated 350° oven cook at 5 minute intervals until cooked through

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



    • She is the only bird we have and she is a parrotlet. She is very sweet with a touch of stinker for good measure. Thank you it is just slightly modified from The Flock Talk ladies recipe I put a link to.


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