1st. Time At A Dog Park

Jennifer Bates—Harley in side yard

1st. Time In A Dog Park

Even though we had our previous dogs for nearly 15 years we never socialized them like you’re supposed to and the were temperamental. So, between that and everyday life we never took them to a dog park. Of course, in our defense for many years I had not known of dog parks.

Last month after Harley’s Vet visit my hubby drove me through a big park complex over close to where we live. As we were driving through I happened to see they had a big dog park. It had a lot of dog obstacle course features along with a big play space.

After her Vet visit today we drove over to see if they had rules or times posted. They did and were open, athough, there was just one couple pulling up as we were. They had 2 dogs a Husky and something else.

When we got up to the gates we saw there were actually 2 seperate dog parks. There was one for 25lbs and over and one for 25lbs and less. Harley had gained 9lbs so we went into the 25lbs and less. I am sure next time we go she will be on the other side as she was less than one pound from being on that side.

Although there are 2 separate sides the dogs can still visit at a shared fence. She like visiting through the fence with the couples Husky. The other dog didn’t come over to investigate.

I think she enjoyed the time we were there even though she was preoccupied with all the smells and newness.

I ❤️ love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comment , opinion, or feedback.



  1. Harley is SO CUTE! ❤ What a sweetie pie! I'm glad your time at the dog park was good! They have a small one up here at a local truck stop. I thought Ziggy might enjoy the freedom to run around (it wasn't a huge space, but plenty big enough for a little dog). Sadly, although there were a lot of signs asking people to pick up their dog poop, it was apparent that few did. And the dogs pooping must have been BIG dogs because there were really big piles of poop. I was so grossed out that I left, Ziggy didn't get to run, and I won't go back there. I'm glad you have a nice one in your area!


    • Euwwee. That’s gross, How is a dog supposed to have fun and their owners relax smelling dog poop and worrying that their dog is going to get in it. I would have left too.

      Well, at our park it looked like they were good about picking up poop(poopy bags are available at the park). However, my hubby about broke his neck stepping in a hole that wasn’t filled in. There were several not filled in.


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