Fandango’s Provocative Question #119

Provocative Question #119 by Five Dot Oh


What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in life and who did you learn it from?

The lesson that comes to mind is one that I learned when I started my first job at 16 years old. There was not one person that I learned this from. It was learned from a group of teenage guys that I worked with on different occasions as the only girl stocker.

I had been working for several weeks about three nights a week and weekends. I was stuck having to clean both the bathrooms every night while the guys did dust mopping and other such chores.

This got really old really fast. One evening I walked into work and and received my list of chores for the night. Once again I saw that I was on bathroom detail.

I was not happy to say the least. I got tears in my eyes which happens when I get really angry. I absolutely hate when this happens, it always pisses me off even more.

I stepped into the managers office. I told him what I thought about my having to clean the bathrooms every night I worked while the guys did other easier tasks.

I assured them that anything they had the guys doing I was more than capable of doing. I also assured them that I thought the guys were more than qualified to clean both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

They said I could have the night off if I wanted. They assured me that they would make things more equal in the future.

Needless to say the guys did not enjoy their new housekeeping task of bathroom beautification. When the women’s’ bathrooms were really nasty they would always beg me to have mercy on them….heehee I never gave in to their whining.

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  1. Ha! Actually, I have two life lessons. One from my Dad and one from my Step-Father.

    My Dad’s was when I was working in his shop and didn’t quite follow his instructions. He gave me this story for life. I’ve never forgotten it.

    A farmer was looking to fill a position on the farm but only had one to fill so he had three high school boys follow him a ways into a field. He laid down 3 flats of young tomato plants, one in front of each boy. He said, “I want you to take each of these plants and plant it just like I’m going to show you. With that he took one out
    knelt down and dug a hole with his trowel. He then proceeded to turn the plant upside down and planted it roots in the air and covered up the leaves with dirt and said, “plant all your plants in a straight row just like this and then come get me”.

    The boys were dumbfounded and two of the boys said, “he’s just trying to see if we know what we are doing” and then proceeded to plant the plants normally. The last boy, said, “I don’t think he knows what he’s doing but if that’s the way he wants them then I’ll plant them that way.

    The farmer came back and looked at the three rows and told the first two boy he didn’t need them and then told that last boy he was hired.
    My Dad shook his finger at me and said, “ When I tell you to do something, do it the way I told you to do it. And don’t ever forget it”! Well, I haven’t!

    The other lesson was from my Step-Father. He had just been told by a sales rep in a store that they couldn’t do something. He then asked to see the manager. While the sales rep was searching for the Store Manager I asked him why he wanted to talk to the manager. He said, remember this! Never be afraid to ask for what you want!! If you don’t ask, You don’t get. The manger walked up and after some discussion was able to give my Step-Father wanted. Don’t ever take the first couple of No’s as the final answer. It never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is you will hear another No. You never know when by asking you may get what you wanted!


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