This, That & Sites I Love❤

Just a quick note to let ya’ll know this list does not contain any affiliates or anything other than links to sites I frequent(any that area affiliates/referrals will be noted individually).  Maybe someday I will be an astute enough blogger to put that sort of thing together.

As with any listing or survey that contain someone’s personal thoughts or opinions there will always be others that think otherwise. Shoot, maybe there might even be some good to come of this simple list of likes & dislikes.

How you ask? Well suppose I felt like some product would be good but that I had  this problem when using it, and I post a comment stating as much. Then a few days later a reader comes by and sees the problem I was having. Then like most crafters I’ve met, very nice, friendly, and always ready to lend a crafty hand(or maybe a pencil, pen or HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!!

Craft Shopping

Art Anthology(AA)

Blitsy (this is an affiliate/referral link)

Simon Says Stamps(SSS)

Craft Classes



Craft Classes Online(OCC)

Unique Craft Techniques


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