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Christmas Cards– √

I know what you’re thinking….she says she has them done…but did she take any pictures??? YES YES!! 👏 I even remembered pictures. To be honest I had laid down in bed all nice and comfy when the “take pics” thought jumped into my head….lol  EEEKKKK!!, yes I did jump up grab my phone and do just that. All the while my husband was thinking he married a nut…well he did it’s not my fault because he knew that before he married me…lol

I know a few are very similar, but I couldn’t decide which color I liked the best so I just tossed them all into the pool. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

Happy Craftig!

Cards · Christmas

Sometimes it Can Feel Like Pullin’ Teeth

I did remember to take a pic or two of the cards I managed to make today. Although I have to tell you…. it is a miracle that I had any truly completed cards to show for all my sweat and frustration. Why? Today, despite all the anticipation I had upon entering my craft space it turned out to be an extremely difficult craft day….man oh man!

I was all set to have a nice quiet time making some cards, which of course makes time fly at amazing speeds. Amazingly I even had a few ideas in mind that I was going to create.

Unfortunately the best laid plans sometimes end up as chaos. When this happens even though time feels like it is flying you find out that very little time had actually passed. I guess this would be called the craft / art time phenomena….lol

Along with so many other nit picks I absolutely could not get the lies even to save my life. So, I’m not feeling awesome about these cards. This means I will probably end up redoing them when I have better craft mojo.

I hope other crafting around the world is going smoother than mine today.

Happy Crafting!

General · Just Life

Did I Ever Tell You I Hate Cars!!!

First, just letting you know, I am having to stray from the happy world of all things art today. I feel like screaming so that usually means if I write it down it will help shrink that feeling back away. Rest assured I will sacrifice only this one post on such negativity…..actually that might not be the right word. Hmmmm maybe disappointing would  be a slightly better description.

Ok…Ok…the sooner I type it the sooner it’s gone. I should have known something was going to happen our two cars/trucks/whatever(motor objects) have been rolling along nicely for a ‘lil bit now.

Let’s just start off with the obvious. IF…IF…IF…IFFFfffff my husband…or I…or If I knew anyone in existence on the planet Earth that knew how to fix motor things I might feel differently. BUT I / WE(hubby) DO NOT KNOW A.N.Y.O.N.E!! Not ONE! Now that I think about it I don’t know anyone who works on any speciality thing(electrical, construction, roofs, oh my goodness let’s not forget plumbing) In case anyone is curious in my area of FL if you need a plumber that will be $100 an hour!!! Oops…sorry distracted and off topic…lol..sorry.

In another few years I may be in a better position for motor hep as my boys are now 19 & 22. Now that they have their own motor things they are starting to build up some motor fixing knowledge. Justin(19..20 in Jan.) has been able to help me with 2 small previous issues. However the reality is that there are just some things that can’t be done in a household garage(if you have one) or drive-way(if you don’t). Reality(cruel as it is) is what I / we are experiencing right now. But this is me we are talking about and I don’t roll that simply.


Yes, this 2000 Jeep Wrangler TJ is the care that I have been feigning for since my kids were born. My thinking was don’t have to worry bout enough space or anyone undoing the seat belts and falling out….you know what I’m saying……Right??

At first I wasn’t going  to go with my plan. I never thought I would have not a 24/7 Mom  sadness when the time came. Once again reality is a …insert word… My mind was I getting them up for school, taking places, cooking dinner…and so on. Then…BAM!! what am I supposed to be / do now(not Mom…well Mom, but not Mom) sorry I’m not handling the new reality let alone trying to explain what’s in my head. Anyway, I was / am having huge empty house issues, to this day. I feel like a prisoner in this house! One dayI found myself gradually shopping around and seeing if there was anything I liked and how many $$. That in no way implies that my emotional state was coming alone at the same speed.

Obviously, this is the one we ended up buying.. I LOVE it and I have had to have it worked on a few times, mostly maintenance needed for a Jeep with 125,000 miles on it. Last Friday I was visiting with my Mom and when I was leaving as I put one foot on the running board “CRACK” one of the clips for the running board broke. Ok, no problem I’ll just get a new clip or buy a new set of running boards.

Enters reality in the form of my youngest, Justin. He had stopped by to mow and trim for us and he wondered how I broke the thing on my jeep. I of course tell him I ordered new running boards. Ok, but that’s not what I talking about Mom….as is slowly follow him out to see!!….Yes, the running board broke but so did part of the frame and it was rusted outrageously. Yes, hubby looked under before we paid for it and it look like it had been cleaned up, but nothing looked like a rusty can and obviously did not look painted either(nice of the guy to cover it so well that it lasts long enough for us to give him money and leave) hubby even ran an car fax or whatever its called.

Time for investigating this nightmare…off I go. I take it to auto place they send me to body shop. Out comes the guy and dumps a ton of REALITY on me… options. I should absolutely NOT be driving this motor thing, if I got hit the entire jeep would fold into the middle!!!!!! Holy….!..!

The amount of bummed I feel is unmeasurable, so I’m not going to try. I do find it odd that I have it serviced 3 times and not one mechanic who had been working under and all over my Jeep said anything to me other than it looks great and now runs great.??? I stand there and give one place $500+…all the mechanics love it…no warnings or pointing out of anything awry. I had gone to another place 2 different times for a total of over $900(not exaggerating). I pick it up it’s running great nothing negative or awry.

Reality(body shop guy who barely had to put one knee on the ground) was dished out in 10 seconds or less…..sigh Yes, I called the place I had been to twice and most recently and asked why no one cared to mention the death trap I was driving. I was informed that they were an auto repair shop…not a body shop…no DUH! I’m certain if any of our mechanics saw a problem they would have pointed it out to you. You can bring it down and we can see if we can do anything to help…??..!! I asked if he was listening the the frame was extremely rusted and unstable…it is not driveable. He proceeded to repeat the exact statements. I thanked him for sorta listening and have a good day!!!!

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression of how I am, but this guy got lucky. When I’m screwed over I usually start at the top and work my way to the last screw leaving carnage in my wake. I somehow managed to not even cuss….of course I forced myself to end people communication before that happened. Why you ask, because I didn’t see myself getting any of my money back or anything fixed until I came up with a few grand to buy a Jeep frame along with the money to pay labor.

Sorry so long. I really didn’t realize it would be a novel. Well, thanks for letting me vent.

Challenge · Drawing

Totally Blanked…Grrr

First, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Now, it is no surprise that I have a terrible (w/ capital “T”) memory. <——Yup that’s me….lol

Over the weekend I worked on the cards for my Mom. Friday things were not going well…not well at all. Friday was one of those craft days that ended with a head bang on the desk!….ok…well not for physical real, but I sure was thinking about it.

Thankfully Saturday and Sunday were a ‘lil less craft brutal. I even managed to make 13 cards, which is roughly half I need.

What do they look like? How did they turn out? Funny you should ask. Especially since I usually post them on this blog. Well somebody(me) didn’t take 1 picture…. not a 1….. duhhhhh

So, instead I’m posting my progression of working on my  little sketch heads. I can definitely tell a difference, but I find I’m having a few decision making problems. It never fears every time it’s time to draw(sketch) eyes, lips and nose I can never decide how I like them to look…..for now we’ll see what the pencil(my hand) leaves behind. Then move on and be surprised after every ‘lil face….lol Fun Fun Fun!

Sorry for the lack of variety. With any luck I will be a better blog owner and remember to post my next creation.

Happy Crafting!!


Drawing · Practice

Whew..Time Flies…

Man, I can’t believe it has already been 14 days since my last post. How crazy fast that felt.

Finally! Several weeks ago I bought Jane Davenport’s book, “Drawing & Paintaing Beautiful Faces”. It is also available on her website.  What’s the big deal you ask? Well, I have been wanting to take her Beautiful Faces Workshop and she requires her book that I mentioned above to be used in tandem while taking the workshop.



Since money makes the world go ’round, and life is as it is I was in a short holding pattern for $$$ to purchase the workshop…lol Especially this time of year!

WooooHooo! Today’s the day!! I’m sure I don’t have to say(type) I couldn’t start watching the first lesson fast enough…lol

By now I have obviously watched the first video and have been happily practicing my heart out on any available writing surface…..well ok…almost any..heehee Although I have a lifetime of fun fun practicing ahead of me I have to start somewhere.

Unfortunately, as readers of this post you get to experience the rough beginnings. Luckily this documented beginning could’ve been worse…lol



Ok…..sooo sorry if you’re doing an eye roll, but I decided I needed to post my last practice of the day.You’ll be glad to hear(read) that I’m not going to post a bunch of 50 practice heads each day…go ahead say a silent thank you to the sky above….lol. I figure maybe the first and last each day…….could more likely end up being just the last of the day.

For the record I will be doing other workshops and other stuff. I will for sure be starting to make some Christmas cards my Mom just asked me to make. Ok, as dumb as this sounds it is so much easier for me to sit down and bury myself in paper & art goodies(I LOVE TO DO) when I have an actual mission. Somehow it gets me started and I can just start playing. It’s like I have a boulder clogging up my creative everything otherwise.



Just ‘Cause it’s Kinda Funny

As you can tell I drew this lil tidbit the day before my post for today(15th). However, I didn’t see anything earth shattering that would come of the date flip flop. I apologize in advance for anything that occurs out of my knowledge / control….lol just in case.

Soooooooo, this practice I was aiming to draw a front facing woman in a bikini….no idea why …probably saw something in a magazine or such. As you see I ended up with 75% +/- of a woman….yeahhhh.


A recognizable woman figure yes. However, I have absolutely no idea how she ended up backwards…doing the splits or maybe a Yoga stance…lol . Now if I pretend she’s not missing hands, feet and anything I’m not thinking of and I’m  surprised at the unintended finished project….lol

Ok…..for whatever reason my pic doesn’t want to post, so I’ll try tomorrow. Finally after a mere 12 hours I am able to complete this post by including the ever so important visual.



Scary..Lookin’ More Woman-ishy

I’m not sure which deminsion(s)(al) word I am trying or even want to use is so I’ll just say that now….whew.  Thank goodness that’s out in the open…lol. Whether it’s 1D(not sure if there is a 1D just cya’n)’ 2D, 3D, or 4D ….. it’s NOT.. I’ll say… type it again NOTTTT easy!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I was in no way delusional thinking I’d pick up a pencil and have it turn into a magic wand….but seriously…lol. As I sit thinking(mental picture trying to see what I’m asking myself to draw) should the next line go back slightly angled to the right or down and kinda towards me? I can feel my gray matter twisting, turning, squishing, and yanking as I place a 2 inch mark on my project.

The thing is I have notebooks, pencils, ereasers(A LOT!!!), all over….anywhere I could potentially find myself. I started doing this so no matter where I do happen pause I have my STUFF!!!

Sometimes when I having a not so good moment in my day by simply picking up a pencil and paper ereasing anything troubling. I happily and calmly make all kinds of marks over…over…and over. Funny, after I have done and re-done something a thousand plus times the marks begins to resemble the object I have been practicing so obsessively over and over…hehe

Youuuuuu knowwwwww what I’m talking about…but it’s  nice to know your not the only pencil lover in town…..

Jez, so almost forgot this part…..not sure what my original focus was, but this is what I got this time.